XXXI: Language Barrier

I suppose it isn’t really fair to use the phrase, “God is confusing”. In many ways He tends to explain His will, desire, and expectations pretty clearly…we also tend to get so caught up in the world around us that it muddles the communication between ourselves and Him.

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Mobile Minutes: Needles In The Grass

Jim asked me to pick up a oil based space heater for him inside the city that I’m currently residing in. I can’t quite express to you enough how ready I am to vacate this place. Upon arrival at my destination to exchange cash for this heater I was greeted by a nice woman who took me through her apartment to the space heater. Upon the time that I made contact with her I had noticed a few kids playing in the yard adjacent to the building. Nearly two steps up the porch I suddenly heard this following:

Hey mom! Look at this. What do you want me to do with it?

There before me stood a small boy, I’m guessing around the age of 12, holding in his left hand a syringe that had obviously already been used, and he had located it while playing in the grass with his friends and siblings.

Jesus! That’s a #%!$ dirty needle. Don’t you ever touch one of those again, just call someone over. Ugh! Just give it to me.

The scariest part (not the first time I’ve been around a dirty needle) was watching this woman throw the exposed needle away inside the standard trash receptacle in their kitchen. Granted, she followed up by washing her hands thoroughly, but seeing a young child just hold up a needle like that is truly one of the more disturbing things anyone is going to witness within their lifetime.

Get me out of this place.



Story time:
I’m not country, and I’m not really urban or suburbian…I’m just…here. However, I grew up in a rural, farming community through my childhood.
Relationships, the thing that eluded me through my adolescent years, were based on a few key things:
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