Mobile Minutes: Social Overload

I’ve come to a conclusion from the past few days…

My previous job completely fried me on all means of social media. As I’m trying to get a few pieces put together for a few groups, I’m noticing that my drive, passion, and enjoyment of the social media world is greatly lacking in enthusiasm. It could be that I’m just recovering after dealing with whatever that was, or could be the fact that I learned that it isn’t always, necessarily my cup of tea.

I don’t know, but I will say this, if you mess with the social media world enough…eventually it’ll mess with you, and sometimes that means results that you may not necessarily desire.

Back to working on the resume.


XO: Tension

Three separate occasions today my wife asked if everything was alright. Hinting at the struggle of playing off the tense notion that was in my voice. I woke up on schedule, went to work, worked my tail off at the office, and the day played on. Continue reading

XO: Nehemiah Fest


It feels good to be in comfortable skin again.

Once upon a time, many, many years ago my favorite time of the year was the summer. It wasn’t due to school being out, pool parties, or even family vacations. As cheesy as the notion sounds, it all revolved around two events: church camp and mission trips. Continue reading

Mobile Minutes: Shocking Results

Currently: I’m sitting in a car waiting for Darco to get out of work. My mind is preparing what a “portfolio” looks like for my business life.


I have an interview tomorrow afternoon. It’s specifically about social media, SEO, and all those fun analytical toys. Naturally, I’d need to use the Kansas City Shock as my example. So, I started finding clippings of the Shock throughout the news world (as of which it turns out there is a lot), and then I did something ‘daring’ in my book.

I put my pride on the line and typed ‘Kansas City Shock’ into Google (quotes omitted), after I signed out of my Google account.

Page one, the Kansas City Shock, in literal context is page one of Google search.

So, hoping to destroy my pride I typed ‘Kansas City women’s soccer’ and searched.

Now follow me here:
The Kansas City Shock first appeared on page two. Page one was dominated by FC Kansas City and the National Women’s Soccer League. Neither of these things surprised me.

Here’s where things get interesting. The National Women’s Soccer League is maintained by the US Soccer Federation; talk about the big guns with unlimited resources with plenty of insight knowledge in their analytics department. Not to mention the media inherently flock to the organization. The same holds true locally with FC Kansas City. It’s no secret the Kansas City Shock is the step-child of women’s soccer in Kansas City. If no one else, the local media (bloggers), have done a great job highlighting that. Understand that the Kansas City Shock has roughly 1200 ‘Likes’, 1200 ‘Followers’, and 450 ‘+1’s’. Unfortunately this is minimum compared to 70K, 80K, and beyond of Facebook.

So why am I excited?

Because our social media strategy is working. We are the little kid on the block, but yet our information can be found halfway through page two on Google with such a broad search.

Are you connecting the dots?

Social media is the great equalizer when creating a ‘reach’ to the public.

One news organization, $10, a website, and a cell phone and yet this program is running with the ‘big kids’.

What is my presentation going to look like tomorrow?

Gentlemen, I’d like to ask you to try something. Open your cell phone browser and type “Kansas City Shock”, I’d like to tell you a story…