School was let out at 11:30 AM. By 12:00 I was at the local pizza shop. Why?

Family get-together. By family I mean educators. Staff from school all got together after school to celebrate Christmas Break. Pizza and laughs all around. I’m blessed to be apart of something so wonderful. Nearly 25 of us spoke about the break, family, and Christmas. Few students were mentioned, and testing hadn’t even been thought of. These were humans, people, enjoying the company of each other.

These are my co-workers and my leaders.
This is my family.



Are you the runner? The fast one that my son told me about? You are! I’ll keep praying for you.

These were the words of a random woman in our church this morning. It’s the first time someone has picked me out of the crowd as “the runner”, and held expectations for me to do great.

That’s the pressure I love.



Mobile Minutes: Poetic Confessions

Poetic confessions,
Screaming from the resonating chambers of my heart.
Medicated soul strings,
Covering hopeless, lifeless eyes.

Calling for a savior,
Reaching for reality’s escape.
Falling into eternity,
Losing a grasp in humanity’s case.

Hear Your child,
God of Adam.
Hold his bleeding life,
Save him from his sinful lies.

Reject my desires,
Hold fast to Your plan.
Break me, glorious Spirit,
Deny the ability of pouring eyes.

Shake away the tears of temptation,
Shatter my sense of loss.
Refuse the inplicable hope of death,
Restore my weary faith.

Please Father,
Reach me in these trialing times!
Cling to my tattered body,
Cleanse my damaged, distorted life.

Mobile Minutes: Die Trying

Waking up at 4:30 full of sleep wasn’t necessarily a bad thing this morning. I was hungry, restless, and wanted to do some work.

I grabbed my 25lbs plate and got going. I’ve been working on this fitness thing for quite a while now (unofficially eight months). There’s not rapid weight loss due to weight training and injury. Diet has been changed, water consumed, and socks destroyed with sweat.

If I do not reach the goal of ‘XXXI’, I will die trying.


This nearly caused death to come early...


XXXI: Default

Your loan has been accelerated…


Trying to reestablish my thought process this morning. I haven’t even touched my coffee yet and it’s already 8:30 AM.


I’ve been mulling over how to be honest without shattering any self-esteem that may be left in my body. I suppose self-esteem isn’t really needed when an individual tries to remove their worldly desires. However, I can say this soundly…

I failed. Continue reading