XXXI: Imaginative Epic Monologues

*tap, tap, tap…*

I’m supposed to type something here. I have plenty of random, worthless thoughts in my head but getting them organized to type is rather challenging I’m learning.

This week has been some funky, hazy experience of…well…I’m not really sure. From nightmares including astronauts exploding and having my eyes cut out with razor blades, to running to the point that my feet go numb (we’re sure that’s not normal) I’ve actually had a difficult time of separating reality from illusions of mental games.

Does that make sense? Continue reading

Mobile Minutes: Chills

No matter what I say…
No matter what I think…
No matter what I do…

Handing over any project that I’ve been working on to my superiors is one of the most terrifying experiences that I ever experience.

*slowly closing the door to my office and hiding for the rest of the day*


Mobile Minutes: Hamming It Up

Hamming It Up

It’s the only positive phrase I could think of for the moment.

Across the street from the track that I train at is a rather large, paved hillside. It’s a street that isn’t too frequently occupied with moving traffic. Because of this, and looking at the need to continue to increase in strength and health; I felt today was a great day to concur the hill with some self-satisfying sprint work.

My body did not agree.

I haven’t “sprinted” 100% since my sophomore year of college. During which time I suffered a nasty hamstring injury (from not warming up mind you), and lived in fear of ever approaching that mark again. That was until today, after my first successful series on the hill I came down to refocus. I took off the second time and felt good, so good that without thinking I just kicked in another gear and started sprint up the hill… Continue reading

XO: Off Target

Realistically I could take this moment to blame the soccer world.
Frankly, I could also blame the social media network that I routinely get lost in.

Who am I kidding?

It’s my fault. Continue reading

Mobile Minutes: Reflective

I’ve got this one.

My comment as I laid out the card to cover the beers on the table. Another night at Rock & Run Brewery. I had met with a man about soccer, not knowing what I’d actually discover.

I met a man nearly in tears. Unemployed, divorced, and trying to find a path in the world.

Sound familiar?

It’s the first time I’ve sat on the other end of those conversations. The questions, thoughts, and fear streaming from an unknown world. My stomach twisted listening to the recent path of sorrow he had lived, all too well understanding some of his fears.

The least I could do was grab the bill.

A lot of people did the same for me…