Try to understand my taste in music…

I know; it isn’t easy.

Check this out:
I’m the only one in the office tomorrow. Everyone else is quite literally out of town. So that’s 10,000 square feet, a lake, and myself for the entire day.
On top of that, Darco and I get to rock out at Bible study again tomorrow evening. Something that we’re both pretty pumped about.
Finally, by doing my favorite thing in the world [retweeting random things] I just nailed two free tickets to the band that is embedded above for tomorrow night in town at 9:00 PM!

Boom! Bam! Thank you ma’am!

That’s a day that hasn’t even started worthy of getting some praise action on!


XO: So Long

So long…
And thanks for all the fish…

It only seems natural to use that quotation to define what this post was going to be about. I’ve known this day was coming, at first I tried to deny it, but in the end it became about acceptance and moving on to new adventures with life.

The Kansas City Shock is no more. Continue reading

Mobile Minutes: #Shock2Philly Part V

I have found Kansas City “East”…

It is called Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The similarities between the downtown sectors of each two cities are uncanny in similarity. Recent redevelopment, cleaning, etc…

Now, what were we doing there to begin with?

First, it’s on our way home from Philadelphia. Secondly, the couple that I flew to Baltimore, Maryland two years to watch get married live in Pittsburgh.

They invited us to stay the night, see the city, and rest before our adventure home.

A few thoughts from this experience:

1. Order a sandwich? You’re getting fries…on the sandwich.

2. Clear outside? It’s going to snow.

3. Trying to get into Pittsburgh? Enjoy the five million tunnels and ten dozen bridges.

4. Square Cafe is the place to be for breakfast. Just trust me on this. I had key lime pancakes and my life has changed.

5. You can get a Mazda3 stuck…
6. There is nothing strange about roaming downtown Pittsburgh in a F-350 diesel truck listen to electronic dance music.
7. One word: Sheetz
8. It’s always a good time when you line up for a photo and the height of the people have the following range: 6’8, 6’2, 6’5, 5’2.

9. Be ready for amazing quotes at all times:

I have a question about your two specials today.
What is their portion?
Like this.
Alright. I’ll take both please.


10. Lifelong friendships are the best things next to marriage.

Also, they asked me to remind them why I was in such a rush to get home after their wedding. It was a blessing to show them, sitting to my right, why I had to leave their celebration two years ago.