Real world problems…
Tomorrow is “red, white, and blue day” at school. However, I didn’t know if that canceled out the standard casual Friday outfit of jeans.
Naturally I submitted a text to a teacher inquiring on the subject.
I think I could hear their laughter…
It’s a blessing to be able to share stories like this. When I was a substitute teacher I never partook in any of the celebrations in school because I wasn’t part of the actual staff inside the building.
These conversations are nice reminders that I’m already moving in the right direction, spending my time in the world of education.



Wiped out again…
Translation: Exhausted
Even though I’m spent I think I have some things to get some praise on for.
First, this photo:


While getting dressed today I noticed something wonderful. I’m finally back on the last belt loop of my belt! I’m not light at all, but at least some of my gut is sucking in.

I just spent three hours on an online application for the school I’ve been at for six weeks now. Why? Because the principal of the school requested me to; by doing so tonight he should be able to process it tomorrow. Meaning the following words will come to life (I hope):

If everything goes as planned you’ll officially start on Monday.

That’s a praise in my book.


It’s taken some time to muster up the courage, but I finally put in a phone call a few days ago to a office I hadn’t seen in a very long time. My orthopedic doctor.

On three separate periods in my lifetime I’ve seen the same individual; middle school for a torn up knee, high school for a dislocated shoulder, and college for some strained abductor muscle in my hip (from football, basketball, and running…in that order). Frankly, he’s the closest thing I’ve ever had to a ‘family doctor’ because he’s seen me more in my life than any normal family doctor has.

I made the phone call on Thursday, heading home from work, to schedule an appointment to get in to see him. I’ve been off the track/road/trail for nearly three weeks now due to the fact that my Achilles still isn’t recovering. It isn’t getting worse, but it’s definitely not completely healing and now I’m to the point that I recognize that I need a professional to look at what I’ve done (this stems from an injury back in April of this year) Sure, I’d love to hear some good news, but I fear I’m going to hear something alng the line of, “You’re off for at least six weeks…” which would knock out any Thanksgiving “Turkey Trot” runs and would release me to run in the absolute dead of winter, and around here that is not a positive reality.

Oh well…as long as I don’t have to hear the word ‘surgery’ I’ll be completely fine.



I’ve made mention a few times on here that trying to explain the style of music that I enjoy is rather difficult. Thankfully I have a wife that has also embraced the bass and hangs out with me while messing with glo-sticks, hula hoops, and every other freak and geek you could ever imagine.

Truly that is the life of a EDM (Electronic Dance Music). I’m thrilled that even MC is to the point that she no longer requests that I “turn off that thump, thump stuff”. In the past year Darco and I were able to enjoy an evening under the neon lights listening to a band named Infected Mushrooms, the same band we haven’t quite heard the end of from our Bible study group.

Interestingly enough, in the area that we live in the scene for EDM tends to appear that it’s on a projected growth path. After Infected Mushrooms there was a giant, two day concert in the middle of the city featuring some major DJ’s. Personally, it’s humorous that I make mention that I listen to EDM, I usually hear “I’d never listen to that”, and then I point out that the majority of the music that someone listens to on a ‘pop station’ has been remixed and remastered by an EDM artist.


Last Saturday night, while enjoying a pretty cool festival with our friends from the brewery, my wife started to talk to a random woman. Somehow this conversation turned into tastes in music, and my wife (love her to death), gave the pitch about the EDM scene.

The next thing that happened transpired from something like this:

My boyfriend got us Bassnector tickets for this Thursday, but we both have to work.

Dude, that stinks.

I know, but…do you want them? Swing by on Tuesday night and grab them from the brewery.



Somehow, someway Darco and I have landed tickets to Bassnectar (sold out by the way) for this Thursday. I don’t have school on Friday, so it’s not as if I’m concerned about the crazy early morning stuff compared to the usual.

Still, many of you like many of the people I know in real life, don’t seem to fully understand what this music is like. Naturally, it’s my duty to enlighten you by the video below:



Packing up papers to grade for the night, all alone in the classroom, and of course…the principal stepped in to chat. Here are a few quotes:

Are you certified?

Always a huge question…

I see. Well, it just needs reactivated, right?
Hiring season is coming up.
We’d love to have you on our team.

I promise I’m not making any of those up.
My head is still spinning…