That much closer.
I’ve taken the college course.
I’ve submitted my transcripts.
I’ve requested a review for new certification based off education.
I’ve “unofficially” passed the professional knowledge test set by the state for middle school.

I’m so ready for a contract.


He keeps me patient and hungry.



Still looking for coffee…
This is my Sunday…

However, when I pulled into church this morning I spotted a unique being in the parking lot. After I had let my mind process I realized, “Hey! That’s one of my students!”

Sure enough, one of my students from school was walking into the church with their mother. I hopped over and greeted both of them, and awkwardly added a few statements before heading into the building.

Personally, I love this. I love that a student can see me outside of school, and at a place where I have another chance to assist in building a foundation for them.

That’s worth some praise.



My professor just sent me a message on the final project I turned in on Monday…


This would mean that I finished the course with 101/102 points (99.01%). A few things happened with this news:

1. I can finally get my teaching certificate renewed
2. I can take my state sanctioned test for middle school understanding and instruction
3. I’m going to begin my Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction

Yes, that’s the highest collegiate score I’ve ever had after a final.

God’s looking out for sure.



I’ve becomeĀ thatĀ student…
Earlier today I was awaiting my assignments to be graded by my professor. I was startled to see that I only received 5 out of 14 points for my primary assignment, dropping my overall grade to a 78%. Unlike my studeous years in high school and college, this actually bothered me to the point that I contacted my professor today to inquire on what I did wrong. It turned out that she was in the middle of grading and it hadn’t been posted yet.
Fascinatingly enough, when all was said and done, I did receive all the points. For the first time that I can recall I actually am holding a 100% after three weeks (halfway through) in the class. That also means I’m halfway to the point of getting my teaching license back. It’s alright to consider the grade trivial, but for one reason or another, it actually means something to me this go-around.



I’m supposed to be in bed right now…

I just turned in my third week of assignments for my class. That means I’m 50% of the way to getting my teaching license reactivated. Woot! Additionally, as I learned today, since I’m in school at the moment the student loans that create so many headaches? Yeah, they’re on hold because the university I’m enrolled in stated that I’m a full time student. So, Darco and I were figuring numbers, carrying one’s, etc…We figured out that if this really is the case, then why not just go ahead and finish up my Master’s degree and keep those loans on hold as her and I increase our take home pay in the process?

Speaking of Darco and take home pay…

I had to wait for nearly two hours after school today to pick her up from work. She was meeting with one of the higher up’s and it looked important. Even still sniffling she came to the car with a giant smile on her face.

I’m moving stores.

Remember that she’s currently an assistant store manager? She’s being moved to another store to temporarily ‘take over’ as an acting manager. These next two months will also be her ‘trial period’ to see if she’s ready to become a full time store manager. Oh, the store she’s being sent to? Three miles north of the school I teach at.

Speaking of the school I teach at…

I took a leap of faith today and met with the principal of the school (nice guy). I informed him that even if a teaching position were not to open up for me for the 2015-2016 school year that I would return in the role I’m currently in. I think that move caught him off guard, but I’ve seen enough schools to know where I’m most comfortable and where I can do my best, and I firmly believe that my heart is sold on that specific school. Classroom or not.

Outside of these rapid happenings today, we’ve found at least one new apartment down in the area that we’re interested in as May approaches. We’re still a hot mess, but the good Lord knows we’re trying to figure out this whole adult life thing.

…now to work on that speech I’m supposed to give tomorrow…



On time, and with time to spare…

All assignments turned in, all discussions posted, and all readings done. I’ve finished my first week of class!

…only five more weeks to go…

It’s all worth it though. Even if I’m without a classroom next school year, I just want my license back. At the moment I truly don’t feel like I belong inside the school I’m at because of my lack of certification. It’s a hard pill to swallow, that’s why I never try to get a student to understand that I’m an instructor. Technically, I’m not, I’m there to assist them with their studies, and to assist their instructors. Don’t get me wrong though; I can’t wait for the moment that I’m able to hold onto my documents and be acknowledged as a licensed educator in this state again.