Mobile Minutes: Old School

The internet is out at our place currently, so I’m doing this like the old school days, inputting by phone.

Allow me to start by showing you the lunch special at a friend of mines joint:


Chicken & Waffles

That my dear friends is how you do chicken & waffles.

I’m to the point in the evening that I’m icing my feet, and also dozing in and out of sleep. I can relate this only to being sick and falling asleep on the toilet. The Monday-Friday schedule isn’t easy. It’s not the morning workout that got me, it was the evening workout at which point I had wished I was asleep for the night.

I’m tired, but I tell myself it’s worth it. Tomorrow I only have one session in the morning, 1.5 days of rest following, and a four mile race Friday morning. I expect Saturday to be restful, and Sunday to be light. Killing it again on Monday.

Spiritually…it’s a fight. Several times today I found myself staring off into space thinking, “This really is impossible…”. I’m sure that’ll forever be the battle. I’m not sure why but the term impossible is addictive, it’s this sensational desire to just prove the sheer idea wrong. I work to find communion with God, and at the same time I’m frequently having to put a new demon to rest. I suppose spirituality life is just as taxing as the physical life.

I’m still learning.

Good news is tomorrow is the last day in the office, and I’m out for three days in Arkansas.

The dark one has already beaten me to falling asleep…


I ice, he sleeps...


Mobile Minutes: Busy Family

We’re becoming the busy family! Woot!


Early morning training session...


Epic breakfast burrito at Rock & Run Brewery!


Rain trying to ruin our church planting, neighborhood get together. Fail!


Finishing the night with movies!

That’s a darn good Saturday, and we are exhausted.



I’m not huge on self shots at the gym. However, lately I’ve been logging a lot of time in there, and after a week of frustrations, testing, and ending some injury recovery work…
I finally saw some startling results.
I just want it to be known that I’ve never shown this much muscle mass in my life.


Smile! The upper body really surprised me.


Never thought I'd have "softballs" on my calves. Just mind blowing.


Mobile Minutes: From Home

Greetings from the confines of a living room, a sleeping cat, and a random Gold Finch dropping seeds on my patio outside.

I’m typing from home.

Over the past two days my body has been rather difficult to deal with. On each occasion I’ve been wrecked with horrible migraines that started in the beginning of the day, and lasted all of the way back to my dark, quiet apartment. Last night, whatever we had for dinner, didn’t go over well either resulting in myself being awoken at 5:00 AM with a horrible stomach ache…and a migraine.

Between the head pain and today’s stomach pain I kept the car keys on the table and worked from home. One way to the office is 90 miles. Meaning, that once I get there, if I already have a head ache brewing, I’m going to be toasted for the rest of the day.

I’m still working from home; ranting about Google+, TweetDeck issues, and everything in between, but my head just isn’t having it this week. I’m curious if it is because my contacts should be replaced, the lighting in the office, or allergies. I haven’t had this problem before at the office, so I don’t see lighting being the issue. Allergies, I’m on medication for. Contacts do need to be replaced.

Regardless of the problem, I’m blessed to have a job that I can stand from a distance and continue to work without anything being in the way (minus the cat scratching at the window for the birds outside).



I suppose this should be over at God’s Not Fat, but I think it’s worth putting on this page:

As the weeks draw to a close for “XO”, I’ve started to do some mental and physical preparation for the next chapter. These past few days provided me with a good example of where the next chapter will go.

I have a tragic announcement; something that MC will gleefully enjoy. I just broke the news to Darco a few minutes ago.

Ladies and gentlemen…

I can no longer fit into large t-shirts. They are too small.
Too small in the back and the shoulders.

Let that sink in for a moment and you’ll understand why this definitely a “getyourpraiseon” moment.


XO: Be Still

With just a month remaining in “XO”, it’s taken me this entire time to get a full grasp over the idea, concept, and learning that took place over this duration of life.

What have I learned?
What I’m doing right now.
Being still.

Darco is asleep, the cat is watching the window, and I can hear the bugs outside. It’s peaceful, with the lowly hum of the refrigerator and the gentle typing of my fingers on the keys. This is being still in my world. Sure, the brain still move 100 MPH, and my Tweetdeck currently is loaded with 14 non-stop flowing feeds of information that runs 24/7. I love it though; I love that passion and work can be combined into a blessing of a job. I’m thankful that I can get up from the couch, brush my teeth, and crawl into bed next to the world’s most beautiful woman [by the way, did you see her incredible, physical transformation]. It’s epic to know that I’ll wake up, shower, make my smoothie, and start another brand new adventure in the morning. The stress, drama, and other sleepless thoughts have been put to rest. My wife is sleeping, the refrigerator is full of food, and the cat is frequently fed. How can you not enjoy a life like that?

From recent Bible study experiences, to Sunday School, and even church itself; once I pushed my pride aside, I’m finally warming up to our new ‘home’. A place that we don’t just visit on Sunday mornings, but somewhere that can be a place of peace throughout the week.

Bills get paid, supplies gets purchased, and deadlines are met. Slowly but surely we’re digging our way out of the debt that we’ve (I’ve) slipped into over the years.

Dearest reader; life is good.

I’ve done my traveling, ran a business, failed a business, found a church, left a church, found a new church, lost an old hobby, found a new hobby, and continue to dream about tomorrow. My heart is still and my soul is alive; I feel freedom within range of my spiritual reach.

Living in the city is no longer a real dream, and for the most part I have no desire to ever own a business again. I enjoy the silence, I enjoy nature, outdoors, and spending time with my family. I dream of children, school districts, and random events every night of the week. I know someday I’ll be reliving life a few years ago, only it’ll be our children doing the participating; I’ll just stand at the side and cheer. That’s a beautiful life, that’s something to dream about, that’s a reality worth pursuing.

However, tranquility hasn’t quite set-in at this point. A new chapter begins; the longest one I’ve kept. Prayer has been pumped into this, and it’s the first chapter I’ve actually mentally prepared for. It’s going to be a unique journey, and many will deem it “impossible”, but none of us will know until the time has come.

So, as this season draws to an end, it’s nice to rest, reset, and recover a life that’s been worn rather thin. It’s a blessing to be able to ‘be still’, and realign life with the true leader of your heart. Times will change, and new events will come, but for now, for tonight; I’m going to count these past three years a crazy blessing, close my eyes, and dream about tomorrows cup of coffee.



I just finished up with my nightly ritual of icing my Achilles area on my left foot.
My body hurts.

As mentioned several times, with the soccer program gone, I’ve been rededucating much of my time to running. Lots of running. However, between bad, old shoes and logging too many miles too quickly, I strained my Achilles and benched myself for an entire week.


Lot's of nights spent with ice.

With a race last Saturday, new shoes, and support tape I started to slowly to steps back from injury. This past week I’ve had to relearn how to run properly, and that meant miles and hours on a rubber track. As frustrating as an injury is, after icing tonight, I’m finally starting to feel a bit more human.


The rubber track is becoming my friend.

I knocked five minutes off of my 5K last weekend, and finally hit sub-10:00 1600 meters today. It isn’t much, but it’s progress.

I’m just grateful that I’m finally starting to feel the recovery take shape.


Mobile Minutes: Friday Sunset

Insert cliche sunset photo here…
Was this week one of the worst weeks ever?
Not even close. I think all of us agree that those weeks are pretty rough.
It was a tough week. I’ve made stupid financial mistakes, got a speeding ticket, strained some areas in my feet, serious, stupid family issues, and have an unsolved problem at work.
It’s life I guess. It was never to be perfect.

But that doesn’t mean I won’t send up an extra prayer being grateful the week is over.