Mobile Minutes: High Life

Over 150 miles driven…
Slept in a parking lot, inside a car for three hours…
Slept on a couch for an hour…
Had a Ruben in the form of a calzone…
Ate 1/2 pound of butter toffee peanuts…
Had my feet popped, multiple times…
Raced Lego cars…
Fried my first chicken…
I’m barely still awake.

That’s a solid day in my book.


Mobile Minutes: Feet Out


Only part of me you can make out...the white legs

This is my morning. On the constant agreement to only take one vehicle into the city I was blessed with traveling with Darco to her job…at 4:00 AM this morning. I had a doctor’s appointment at 9:45, so couldn’t justify added travel expenses. So…outside her store you could see my feet sticking out the car window and I peacefully slept in the car for another three hours.

It’s at least a good spring break story.


XXXI: In-Service

Am I supposed to enjoy “professional development days” at school?
I’m not really sure, but today I definitely did.


Yes...SpED department selfie!

This morning, similar to our last in-service day, the instructors were able to take some time and award “GATOR’ade” to people in the building for going above and beyond.
Towards the end of this lengthy process I wound up with a bottle from an unlikely source (in my opinion).
When I took the position I currently have at school I was located in a case manager’s classroom. This case manager, very pregnant at the time, sits around my age. However, their level of professionalism and maturity is so high that quite frequently I accept the role of the annoying, hyper younger brother when I’m in her room.


You could imagine my shock when she nominated me for one of these awards this morning. Whole-heartedly I was genuinely surprised (and really humbled). Coming from someone who’s so mature and level minded, it just spoke volumes to me. Additionally, another teacher nominated me at the same time for my speeches that were given over last Tuesday, which brought upon a shade of red to my face.


Snapped by an administrator...I think (that's me standing up).

Please understand I don’t type this out of pride. School is the one place where I continued to be surprised. I’m having so much fun, and it’s considered a job. I’m in love with this specific school, I can’t get enough of the kiddos, and the staff just blows my mind every day. Sure, it has its quirks, but the relationships built here are just unfathomable to understand…and it’s a middle school.
IA, teacher, instructor, etc…whatever my position is, I’m so, so blessed to continue to be in such a warm, caring atmosphere.


Mobile Minutes: Fighters

Dozing in and out heading home (don’t worry, I’m not driving) for the night. I can say that I’m absolutely wiped out, and for all the right reasons.

A few weeks ago a teacher at work prompted me with a question: Would I be willing to produce and demonstrate a persuasive speech to all the 7th grade students in the school?

Without a second thought I gladly agreed to take on the challenge, even though it has been ten years since I had, had such a task. Continue reading


I’m supposed to be in bed right now…

I just turned in my third week of assignments for my class. That means I’m 50% of the way to getting my teaching license reactivated. Woot! Additionally, as I learned today, since I’m in school at the moment the student loans that create so many headaches? Yeah, they’re on hold because the university I’m enrolled in stated that I’m a full time student. So, Darco and I were figuring numbers, carrying one’s, etc…We figured out that if this really is the case, then why not just go ahead and finish up my Master’s degree and keep those loans on hold as her and I increase our take home pay in the process?

Speaking of Darco and take home pay…

I had to wait for nearly two hours after school today to pick her up from work. She was meeting with one of the higher up’s and it looked important. Even still sniffling she came to the car with a giant smile on her face.

I’m moving stores.

Remember that she’s currently an assistant store manager? She’s being moved to another store to temporarily ‘take over’ as an acting manager. These next two months will also be her ‘trial period’ to see if she’s ready to become a full time store manager. Oh, the store she’s being sent to? Three miles north of the school I teach at.

Speaking of the school I teach at…

I took a leap of faith today and met with the principal of the school (nice guy). I informed him that even if a teaching position were not to open up for me for the 2015-2016 school year that I would return in the role I’m currently in. I think that move caught him off guard, but I’ve seen enough schools to know where I’m most comfortable and where I can do my best, and I firmly believe that my heart is sold on that specific school. Classroom or not.

Outside of these rapid happenings today, we’ve found at least one new apartment down in the area that we’re interested in as May approaches. We’re still a hot mess, but the good Lord knows we’re trying to figure out this whole adult life thing.

…now to work on that speech I’m supposed to give tomorrow…


Mobile Minutes: Wake Up!

If you’re reading this you get to bare with my temporary insanity for the night while I try to explain the rationale behind some of my off tangent thoughts.

Today I’ve been balancing three things throughout the day (and I woke up in the morning also for a change): working on a speech, homework, and “Wake Up, Girls!”

The first two are rather self-explanatory. The speech has me nervous because I have to present it four times next Tuesday in front of seventy five seventh graders each go around. While that shouldn’t necessarily mean much, I don’t like disappointing an audience so I have to know my content. As for homework…I’m still catching up from being sick over the past week. About “Wake Up, Girls!”…

It’s just another anime series that I’ve started to watch in my free time. The genre that it sits in revolves around music, drama, and inspiration. The theme is about a ‘idol’ group that is trying to make it big in Japan while starting from scratch. Now, an ‘idol’ group is similar to the current trending Billboard Top 40 here in the United States. They’re groups of several women performing together on the stage. One of the most notables in real life is AKB48. I enjoy watching these kind of series because they all have to do with motivation, being against the odds, and trying to do something to make a splash in this world.

While I don’t necessarily crave the spotlight, there is still a burning desire to do something great at the international level. That’s why, aside from being sick, I’m constantly in the gym. I keep dreaming of doing something amazing with the body that God gave me. While so many people get caught up in dramas, murder mysteries, and other questionable shows (my wife is currently in bed watching the entire series of PsychoPass while she recovers from being sick, my stomach won’t let me watch that series), I just like the shows that in some strange way, even animated, that I can find a way to relate to.

Broken down, I am a young man who watches music oriented anime shows that show inspiration through perseverance and never giving up even when the chips are down.

Yep…that makes complete sense…