Mobile Minutes: Older

Looked in the mirror for a few minutes tonight. Studied my hairline, looked at the cut on my face from “the dark one”, and even flexed my arms a little.

I’m getting older.

Not wiser, just older.

I see it in my eyes, my skin, even my facial hair. I truly am closer to thirty versus twenty. I can’t pull off “the kid” look, even if I wanted to. I’m not upset about this late breaking news, just recognizing one of those moments in life where I’m changing.

My job is wonderful.
My wife is beautiful.
The people behind the Kansas City Shock are incredibly inspirational.

I’m optimistic with a fading past, in a body that looks it time on this planet. God has given me a life that I’ll never measure up to, and I never, ever deserved.

It’s alright not being the youngest, freshest, or forever holding on to history’s ways.

The future is bright. The world is vast. I’ll take aging skin and vanishing hair; it’s God’s way of showing that I’m living a wonderful life.


Mobile Minutes: #Shock2Philly Part II

Spending some time eating some authentic Italian food at Sal & Joe’s.


Followed by heading into Philadelphia, getting lost, finding parking along the street, and snapping some lovely cityscape shots.



Needless to say, there are some pretty shots.

Speaking of shots…

Tonight we wound up in an Irish Pub talking shop, soccer, and other wondrous things. Even witnessed a soccer coach pass out drunk, and fall over a chair.

The true highlight was this:

One of our players had been selected by a team in the National Women’s Soccer League, the professional league in North America. This is the Irish Pub celebrating for her as she walked in.

To our knowledge, the only team in our league to have a player get drafted professionally. That’s pretty cool.

Next? Sleep. Our real meeting starts tomorrow at 8:00 AM. Get ready for the circus!


XO: Breathe

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XO: What’ll It Take

It’s taken a few days for the adjustment to sit in with the realization of the job that I now face. It’s incredible, a daily challenge, new adventures, and I never sit still. I’ve never required coffee so much in my life.

It’s late tonight, I’m working from home tomorrow, which trust me; it’s going to be wonderful to get things organized in my head after a week filled with numbers, campaigns, and meetings. I’d say that I feel like a ‘grown up’, but my job isn’t 9-5 and for the most part I don’t work in a cubicle…sort of.

I was eating dinner with Darco tonight, after fighting the sleet and ice to get home from the ‘office’. I was explaining to her that on all accounts this is a dream job that people can’t even really wrap their heads around. I mean, guys come on, I’m being paid to create social media campaigns, operate social media accounts, and build a following. How cool is that?



I’m still learning about Mazda; as of yesterday I was placed in charge of the two dealerships social media accounts. I’ve given up on some YouTube work this evening; I grew too frustrated to even care and didn’t wish to break the laptop. However, that’s a good frustration; knowledge that you’re working on a project and you’re going to see results.

All of this really stems from a motivation, a drive, to go above and beyond. It’s no longer about proving myself, it’s more about just doing what I’m actually good at. That was the first hard step; recognizing that I am good at something. LinkedIn numbers don’t lie, the amount of people that have endorsed me for social media usage is…high, when compared to other endorsements. I never thought of it really being used as a tool or even a specific skill set until now. It was really implanted in my head when I was sitting in the interview, day two, and the owner looks at me and says:

So, what’s it going to take to have you.

Naturally, I won’t go into details about what that was. However, what I’m still shocked at to this point is the idea that someone wanted me, I mean really wanted me on their team. They desired to have a skill set that they thought I had to assist in the betterment of the company. That’s an eye opener for me, and something that I’m not accustomed to. The harsh truth is that I’m used to being in the way, and making myself known, but rarely do I ever have the honor of being wanted. I’m sure the owner will never know about what that meant to me, and that’s alright, but if there truly was something ‘life changing’ about that experience, it was knowing that for a change I had something, something unique about me, that was in demand.

The image from that conversation will sit with me for the rest of my life.

As for now, time for some sleep. YouTube has been fixed, and my eyelids are getting extremely heavy.


XO: 21

It starts with the number “21”, this represents that amount of people that have ‘endorsed’ me on LinkedIn under the topic of social media.

This message is for them.

I feel like I’ve been a bit in the mist in recent days; not just due to deer hunting and #CornFed13, but because of some personal events that have completely altered the direction of the life of this family.

Last Tuesday, during our tryouts for the Kansas City Shock, I was approached by the parent of one of our players. Instead of talking about soccer, instead he introduced a proposal. A new job opportunity, something that I would excel at, but I wasn’t quite sure.

The world of social media.

It’s no secret that the Kansas City Shock was built off the framing of social media, constant interaction, and slowly but surely understanding the “SEO”, and topics along those lines. Well, I was being offered a job that would take that knowledge and utilize it in a startup company within the Kansas City parameters. Fun stuff, right? In other words, I’d be the SEO Consultant for a company called Dak Investments.

Thursday of last week I had my first interview with the owner of the group, saw the new building, and tried to understand exactly what they were looking for that would require a skill set that I may hold.

Today I had a second meeting, including the request of financial payment, expectations, and the Kansas City Shock.

Tonight, I signed the papers.

Of course, I am now back out of the education realm of life, and straight back into the business world. However, there are a few exciting things that are taking place with this transition:

  • NEW COMPUTER! It’s the company’s, but it’s Windows 8, a touch-face screen, and as we’re currently learning…some amazing speakers.
  • Payment: This just blew Subway out of the water. We haven’t cried together yet, but Darco and I have been in shell shock tonight trying to adjust to reality that we made it; the hard work, the prayers, the struggles, they’re finally starting to pay off monetarily.
  • Flexibility: The owner of Dak wants me to continue to develop the Kansas City Shock, that program is the leading reason that the social media skills of myself were event brought to the front of the conversation to begin with. This means that there’ll be a trip to Philadelphia in January for business, and some other events coming. I’m very blessed to have a supervisor that sees the vision of the organization, and wants me to continue to work on the business in order to build something for the community.

It’s hard to necessarily recognize the excitement in my words [I'm also half asleep currently], but the idea of being paid to utilize social media, travel, and website recognition? That’s a dream come true.

God continues to bless me in ways that I’ll never understand. I would not have ever imagined that I would actually be a beneficiary of the creation of the Kansas City Shock. It’s merely another reminder that I’m on the right path and God is going to continue to take care of us.

On a similar side-note: we’ve got a video coming up soon; Darco and I. In it we have some very exciting news to share with you [it does not include children, let's just get that out of the way].



Outside of the soccer world:

A relative of mine passed away some time back. Notably with her death came the division of the property that was under her ownership (remember: I’m from a farming family, value of land cannot be overlooked). A portion of the property landed at the feet of MC (this was not a surprise).

…insert random legalities, and property understanding when dividing property at the time of death…

To make it easy to comprehend, eventually this property will result in a potential cash flow to MC and Jim. What’s that mean?

For the people who have been overlooked, overworked, and underappreciated they’re finally getting something that they deserve.