Mobile Minutes: Arkansas Part VI

Way too early…
Darco & I packed the blender just for this morning. I actually brought ingredients down for my morning protein smoothie.


Not. Kidding.

After the smoothie, we checked out, visited the family, ate waffles, and left around 1:00 PM.


Pack mule needs to eat.

Upon returning to Missouri, MC, Jim, and Darco talked. I fell asleep in the back for several hours. Two nights on hard beds and one race later and my body was spent.


Ambient noise...

Once we arrived home. Darco & I crashed for a few hours before getting up, dressed, and ready for the opening of a new club in Kansas City.
One stop at Minskey’s Pizza later, and we were off to the club.


So, so close...

However, as it turns out, VIP or not…you must be 21+ to enter. Darco is 20 for two more weeks. At 11:00 PM we left the city, not seeing the inside of ONE% Kansas City, and finally ending our trip in bed.

Currently, wife is asleep next to me, the dark one is asleep at my feet, and I’m shutting down myself.



XO: Glowing @Infected Mushrooms

Best FilingThePapers entry title to date!

Remember that time when Darco and myself found out that we were chilling at the Holiday Inn and enjoying free admission to the American Royal? It was such a good lesson about retweeting contests that I couldn’t stop. A new contest came up, I would hit retweet, because in that case there were only two retweets for the contest. Sometimes marketing ideas don’t stick the first few times.

That doesn’t mean the consumer doesn’t get the enjoy the lack of interaction.

Two nights ago, around 11:00 PM, I was notified on Twitter that I had won two tickets to the Infected Mushrooms concert.

Last night, after the awkward explanation of who Infected Mushrooms is at Bible study, Darco and I took off for downtown. It was a small, outdoor theater (perfect weather). Wood chips, alcohol, and “smoke” everywhere. I actually felt like I was one of the older people at the concert. The group came on, and even out in the open, the bass was so low I thought I was being moved backwards. It was my first “EDM” (Electronic Dance Music) concert that I had ever been to. Glow sticks galore…

We wound up finding a container of unbroken glow sticks next to our feet, and as you can see by the photos below, it got a little out of hand.

Coolest concert I have ever been to though; just phenomenal. Atmosphere was electric the entire night, and I woke up this morning tired like you wouldn’t believe, but knowing it was worth it all.

Especially when I was able to share the experience with my best friend.



Try to understand my taste in music…

I know; it isn’t easy.

Check this out:
I’m the only one in the office tomorrow. Everyone else is quite literally out of town. So that’s 10,000 square feet, a lake, and myself for the entire day.
On top of that, Darco and I get to rock out at Bible study again tomorrow evening. Something that we’re both pretty pumped about.
Finally, by doing my favorite thing in the world [retweeting random things] I just nailed two free tickets to the band that is embedded above for tomorrow night in town at 9:00 PM!

Boom! Bam! Thank you ma’am!

That’s a day that hasn’t even started worthy of getting some praise action on!


XO: Storm

Come Ye Sinners has quite literally been in my head since I woke up this morning. I mean it’s stuck in there.

Fernando Ortega and his album Storm has been an album that I’ve listened to for years. It was the music that put me to sleep in the hotel in Colorado, condo in Branson, pool table in the Ozarks, and a few times in New Orleans. Of all the music that I’ve ingested over the years; this is the album that I hold most dear for sake of soothing, repentant, and relaxing. Not to mention the irony of it being ‘old people music’ versus my average day beats.

Today I shaved a full minute off of my mile time; I’m truly feeling it right now, but it was done more from stress than determination. The idea in my head is to exert the physical stress that I bare witness to mentally.

The moment is extremely tense; my legs, while still recovering, are still trying to shake from the environment that I’m currently in. I’d love to share more, but now isn’t the time. I just keep trying to recognize myself as the worthless sinner that I am, and accept that reality. Why worry about the world around you, and all the small details, when it’s a miracle in itself that you’re even able to breathe fresh air? Perhaps I’m the only one that has those thoughts at this time at night, but it is something that keeps me awake.

I suppose all I know is that currently I’m in my own storm, and the only tranquility I’m finding is recognizing that God is my only hope, my only strength, and my only finalizing goal of life.


Mobile Minutes: Morning Quote

Woke up with some choice words in my head:

I don’t want to gain the whole world, just to lose my soul.

-Toby Mac & Kirk Franklin-

This week’s area to work on: being humble. I’ve become selfish, rude, and lacking of grace. None of those traits fit the characteristics of my God.


XO: Nouveau Parfum

This has nothing to do with new perfume.

However, if you haven’t done so already, you must take a look at this music video [it's an actual music video]:

Now, first the song is absolutely beautiful. I don’t understand the language at all, but I am simply captivated by the song…it’s hard to put on a finger on exactly what it is. I’m going to say that it’s the crescendo of passion and volume, mixed with the piano in the background. It’s soothing, yet motivating.

Secondly and probably the most evident part would be the video itself. Now, this video actually took eight hours to shoot and five different wardrobe changes by Boggie [the singer]. The implication that software can perfect anything is evidently and most notably the conversation topic at hand. I know that I’m not popular with the topic, but after watching the video too many times I’ve come to the conclusion that my stance, while not opposed, does not necessarily go along the same line.


See, this is something that people who were of the ‘normal crowd’ of life have failed to understand for over twenty years now. The whole secret of technology isn’t about power, weapons, beauty, and every other vain topic within the world…for many, it’s the escape.

Side Note: I’ve got this video stuck on repeat for some reason…

Maybe it’s the idea of being able to escape, to turn off, turn around, and leave. Perhaps that’s why I’m obsessed not with sleeping, but with dreaming, because even though chaos ensues it can still be a drastic transformation from the world that I currently dwell in. My mind already manipulates the world around me, dreaming merely makes it that much closer to a reality.

Perhaps it’s an addiction? You know, everyone needs that smoke, or that last drink, maybe for me I just need that screen, the glow of the keyboard, the strumming of the keys, and the recognition that out here I can be whoever I want to be. I’ve even noticed that it’s created this subculture fear in me of meeting people one-on-one in real life; I’d rather be on a stage, or on the computer. If you’ve called me before you know that I’ll rarely answer…if I answer. I am the most social anti-social person you meet.

But when my fingers touch the plastic keys…life changes. Suddenly processors and brain computing run hand in hand, I play the game of how fast can the computer run, and can my fingers keep up with my brain. Many times, they cannot [I've learned via this site actually]. This is why it’s alright for me to have never been a stellar athlete, because technology, social media, the digital world…it’s all the great equalizer. It levels everything out, and shows anyone and everyone that those who know how to use their minds can run the advantage.

Does that make sense?

Think of it this way, in the past month my newest projects that I’ve thought up:
-A computer mouse that is integrated with your hand
-New mobile applications for soccer
-Digital video outsourcing from the computer to the live net

Why? Because I have a job that encourages that opportunity. I spend my day bouncing between screens, thinking that one day I’ll come up with the next Google Glass, the next iPod, the next…who knows? I’m not a technology genius, but it is a complete addiction to be able to blend innovation, imagination, and technology together.

That is a realm where chaos dwells.
I live in this mental complex, and frankly, I’m loving every moment of it.

Digitally, I love being transformed.