Mobile Minutes: Older

Looked in the mirror for a few minutes tonight. Studied my hairline, looked at the cut on my face from “the dark one”, and even flexed my arms a little.

I’m getting older.

Not wiser, just older.

I see it in my eyes, my skin, even my facial hair. I truly am closer to thirty versus twenty. I can’t pull off “the kid” look, even if I wanted to. I’m not upset about this late breaking news, just recognizing one of those moments in life where I’m changing.

My job is wonderful.
My wife is beautiful.
The people behind the Kansas City Shock are incredibly inspirational.

I’m optimistic with a fading past, in a body that looks it time on this planet. God has given me a life that I’ll never measure up to, and I never, ever deserved.

It’s alright not being the youngest, freshest, or forever holding on to history’s ways.

The future is bright. The world is vast. I’ll take aging skin and vanishing hair; it’s God’s way of showing that I’m living a wonderful life.


XO: Breathe

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XO: 21

It starts with the number “21″, this represents that amount of people that have ‘endorsed’ me on LinkedIn under the topic of social media.

This message is for them.

I feel like I’ve been a bit in the mist in recent days; not just due to deer hunting and #CornFed13, but because of some personal events that have completely altered the direction of the life of this family.

Last Tuesday, during our tryouts for the Kansas City Shock, I was approached by the parent of one of our players. Instead of talking about soccer, instead he introduced a proposal. A new job opportunity, something that I would excel at, but I wasn’t quite sure.

The world of social media.

It’s no secret that the Kansas City Shock was built off the framing of social media, constant interaction, and slowly but surely understanding the “SEO”, and topics along those lines. Well, I was being offered a job that would take that knowledge and utilize it in a startup company within the Kansas City parameters. Fun stuff, right? In other words, I’d be the SEO Consultant for a company called Dak Investments.

Thursday of last week I had my first interview with the owner of the group, saw the new building, and tried to understand exactly what they were looking for that would require a skill set that I may hold.

Today I had a second meeting, including the request of financial payment, expectations, and the Kansas City Shock.

Tonight, I signed the papers.

Of course, I am now back out of the education realm of life, and straight back into the business world. However, there are a few exciting things that are taking place with this transition:

  • NEW COMPUTER! It’s the company’s, but it’s Windows 8, a touch-face screen, and as we’re currently learning…some amazing speakers.
  • Payment: This just blew Subway out of the water. We haven’t cried together yet, but Darco and I have been in shell shock tonight trying to adjust to reality that we made it; the hard work, the prayers, the struggles, they’re finally starting to pay off monetarily.
  • Flexibility: The owner of Dak wants me to continue to develop the Kansas City Shock, that program is the leading reason that the social media skills of myself were event brought to the front of the conversation to begin with. This means that there’ll be a trip to Philadelphia in January for business, and some other events coming. I’m very blessed to have a supervisor that sees the vision of the organization, and wants me to continue to work on the business in order to build something for the community.

It’s hard to necessarily recognize the excitement in my words [I'm also half asleep currently], but the idea of being paid to utilize social media, travel, and website recognition? That’s a dream come true.

God continues to bless me in ways that I’ll never understand. I would not have ever imagined that I would actually be a beneficiary of the creation of the Kansas City Shock. It’s merely another reminder that I’m on the right path and God is going to continue to take care of us.

On a similar side-note: we’ve got a video coming up soon; Darco and I. In it we have some very exciting news to share with you [it does not include children, let's just get that out of the way].


Mobile Minutes: Project Corn Part V

Losses are hard. It’s just a fact of life. The ladies fell to Des Moines 4-0 on Sunday in the nasty rain. Turns out, while I’m not necessarily competitive in nature, I took that harder then I thought I would. It wasn’t anger, it was fear:

Will Kansas City care? Did we fail? How are the standings? Are businesses writing us off?

I mean, it is incredible the amount of questions I could come up with out of fear.

However, driving home from Des Moines I thought back to breakfast. I was alone heading to Starbucks and was thinking on the concept of giving God the glory, all the time. It seems easy to give Him praise, credit, point your finger to the air, etc…when things are going right. But, when things aren’t, that’s where you’ll really see who gets credit. So, even though it was bitter, the reality is that win/loss my ship has to maintain course. This isn’t my team, program, or business. It’s God’s and I have to be able to represent Him and His teachings, no matter what the day throws my way.

It’s currently Monday and I’ve slept the best I could, plenty of things to get done today.


Mobile Minutes: Project Corn Part IV


We walked away from yesterdays match with 2:1 win. It was not easy. The final goal came from our Aussie in the 89th minute. The ladies were bruised and exhausted. A win hard fought.

The rest of the night was spent carb loading (pasta galore) and relaxing. Even I was out by 10:00 PM CST. There was some standard league drama, but for the most part nine hours of sleep never felt so good.

Thankfully while I was at Walmart last night I found the local Starbucks. Something I took advantage of today. Talked to my FIANCE this morning (so cool to say), and got lunch taken care of. The vans leave in two hours so they need refueled, and lunch will be ready in that time as well (yes, I visited Subway). Game is at 4:30 PM CST making the night being long. No major injuries last night, and the team is in high spirits.

Major props to Super 8 of Moline, Illinois. Their hospitality has been unreal, and I’ve been so, so impressed by them. Also, I got my own swag! Puma came through and I wound up with my own bag. Pretty sweet. You may think that’s a small deal, but since high school I dreamed of being able to rock some gear that represents a team, who would have thought?


Fact: I’m living in a dream and to God be the glory for it.


Mobile Minutes: Underdog

Nothing, and I mean nothing beats waking up to Audio Adrenaline’s “Underdog”. This song makes me so happy in the morning. Being the underdog, and liking it. You know the best part of being the underdog? People pay more attention to what God does when reality says you’re not suppose to succeed. That stuff is just cool in my book. As I listened to our pastor last night at my apartment, the words are still echoing through my head. If my focus is just on giving God glory, everything is going to work itself out. After all, He hasn’t failed yet.

-Darco and I are getting married August 2, 2013 privately between us and the pastor at MoVal. It was a joint decision that we both wanted. Once things have calmed down a bit we will hold a more formal ceremony.
-I’m disappearing on the first Kansas City Shock road trip tomorrow. Quad Cities and Des Moines. I’m one of the drivers…hehe.
-We got a summer intern from a local university this summer. Great guy, but of course, because of how God works he’s also a rock solid brother in the faith. I love it!



So…this wasn’t something that I had planned.

I’m currently sitting at BG Products Stadium in El Dorado, Kansas. Not too often do I get to start out a piece like this.

Try to imagine the setting:

I’m sitting in the middle seats of a beautiful, new stadium at Butler Community College [5,000 seat minimum easily], rocking my Kansas City Shock polo and watching a high school showcase game take place on the field. some of the top high school women’s soccer players were brought together to play each other in this match.

Really cool point: Coach Louque [Kansas City Shock head coach] is the celebrity coach of the game.
Really cool point [twice]: I was able to present the Kansas City Shock to the players before they took the field.
Really cool point [BONUS!]: Several college coaches came up to me during dinner and congratulated me on the two wins last weekend.

Guys, this is really happening. Since I’m off from Subway for the day, my day has consisted for business meetings in the morning and traveling down here this afternoon. All of these events spun around the same context:

The Kansas City Shock is growing.

Per usual there are several things that I can’t comment on, but man…in the past few days God has just been adding to the gears of this program. I mean, right now I actually feel like I work in a business. I’m sitting with my laptop open, texting an investor, seeing which college coaches are in the area, and watching the game going on at the same time. It’s just fascinating to be in this position. I’m not saying that I’ve done anything to deserve it, in fact there is much, much more to do. However, moments like this I’m being sure to get my praise on, count my blessings, enjoy the sun and the beautiful game.


Mobile Minutes: Shocking Pair

In celebration of tomorrow’s home opener I’ve been reckless today.

I placed an order:

"Shock The World"...indeed...

“Shock The World”…indeed…

I have ordered a new pair of Oakley’s [my go-to brand], and the lens is now engraved with the phrase “Shock The World”…needless to say; I’m pumped.