This is for the health nuts out there. Something that I’m experiencing first hand.

If you eat healthy, train, and aim to live a healthy life when you’re injured your body will make repairs quickly.

Today is the second day since the hamstring injury, but I can already flex my hamstring, walk, and have near full rotation of it.

That comes with a price though. My body knows it’s injured, no different compared to being sick. Because of this I’ve been at a level of exhaustion both days, and sleeping has been insane…


XO: Two Paths And Whatnot

Be gracious.
Be grateful.
Be humble.

Words that I’ve found myself repeating more often this past week then any other time that the phrase has come to mind. Sometimes, life is just hard. The ones you trust are the ones that drag you down, and ones that you foolishly gave up on are the ones that lift your spirits high. I suppose God works in mysterious ways. Continue reading

Mobile Minutes: Day Job

Between Darco being sick this week, and her opening the store several times this week she’s been a hard one to locate.
Add that to the excessively late night work periods and meetings that I’ve had this week, and incredibly we’ve actually rarely have seen one another since last weekend. I know that both of us are trying very hard at life, balancing work, family, and rest [struggling with each], and it’s easy to see how American’s get so caught up in the busyness to loose sight on the life that really matters. Continue reading

Mobile Minutes: Fighter

Got to work yesterday feeling “off”. I couldn’t seem to wake up or to get warm. Both being bad signs. On top of that my hunger was out of control. Another indicator of getting sick.

Went home from work around 4:00. Got home, had dinner, and I slept for almost a solid twelve hours.

Now? I feel refreshed and perfect!