Are you the runner? The fast one that my son told me about? You are! I’ll keep praying for you.

These were the words of a random woman in our church this morning. It’s the first time someone has picked me out of the crowd as “the runner”, and held expectations for me to do great.

That’s the pressure I love.



Mobile Minutes: Die Trying

Waking up at 4:30 full of sleep wasn’t necessarily a bad thing this morning. I was hungry, restless, and wanted to do some work.

I grabbed my 25lbs plate and got going. I’ve been working on this fitness thing for quite a while now (unofficially eight months). There’s not rapid weight loss due to weight training and injury. Diet has been changed, water consumed, and socks destroyed with sweat.

If I do not reach the goal of ‘XXXI’, I will die trying.


This nearly caused death to come early...


XXXI: Double Edged Sword

I’m still on a learning curve, and I fear that I’m going to be here for a while. Part of the experience that comes with hanging out inside a middle school all day is rearranging my day-t0-day and hour-by-hour schedule. Praise God that I’m actually injured and out of the running for a few weeks because this evening perfectly captured the learning that I’m still trying to process. Continue reading

Mobile Minutes: Twelve Feet


60℉ in November? Yes, please!

Jim and I went out hunting yesterday afternoon. Temperature floating around 60℉, and it was epic. Heading into the timber we found a tree stand dangling along a small sapling. For one reason or another, being a person who despises heights and tree stands, I hitched myself up the stand.

Twelve feet off the ground.

Turns out that tree stands sway with the trees when the wind is blowing. That was something new to me (without the proper harness). For the next six hours I sat in this tiny, wire frame brace. Not moving, sipping coffee, and letting my mind just run.


No security device? No problem.

I thought about running. That was the base of most thought. Flying on asphalt, cruising on rubber, sweating on gravel…all of it. I thought about winning races, running to the voice of my wife, and collapsing at the point of victory.

I thought about why I run, or desire to run. I tied it worship, I moved it to offering, and many times I thought over the attempt at praise and glory with each heart beat and breath.

I pondered on why I can’t run, why I’m sidelined, and why I try to achieve things that are impossible. What drives the insanity to believe that an individual can compete?

I found zero answers while swaying in the tree, but the silence of the world brought about some much desired peace. That was the first time, in a very long time, that I was completely alone from others of my kind (humans), and I had forgotten how much I cherished such as sensation.


Hello world!


XXXI: Week’s Worth

Officially I became an employee of the school district on 11/11/2014. Unofficially I’ve been rocking in the same building for well over two months now. However, today marked the end of the first full week in the position that I’m currently residing in.

The result?

What on earth have I been missing out on? Continue reading

Mobile Minutes: Tapped Out

It’s 7:00 PM.
I’m in bed.
It’s 7:00 PM.
Why am I in bed?

Equal parts:
-Headache (first time in months)
-Exhaustion (…just wiped out…)
-Experiment (training session switch up to the AM)

I’m not sick, I’m not getting sick, I’m just extremely worn out. I blame myself for getting the maximum of six hours of sleep per night this week. Obviously this can set the stage for this problem.

Not upset. Not cranky. Just completely wiped out, and because of how far behind I am in training I’m going to see if I can double up over Friday and Saturday sessions.

Here’s to motivation…and 4:00 AM…


XXXI: Wagon Falling

I’ve officially have fallen off the wagon.

I’m frustrated and tired while I write this tonight. I was supposed to go to the gym tonight. I did not. I was supposed to go to the gym last night. I did not. I’m supposed to have set goals over periods of time that I’m dedicate to. I do not. I’m struggling so much with mustering up the energy, motivation, and dedication to keep working on my body even though I can’t run.

I see through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and beyond all of the different runners the lives they live. Shoe contracts, random races, traveling, training, running, and pushing their bodies to the limit. Frankly, I’m struggling because I’m envious of them.

There, I said it. I’m dealing with jealousy because they’re living a life that I crave. I’m angered because I’m not living a life like that and I have no one to blame but myself and my lack of self-discipline. I have no problem admitting that I’ve fallen so, so short of my objectives, goals, and desires. Truth be told, I don’t want to just run races to run races. I want to win. I want to run crazy fast times. I want to push my body to its limits. Sure, this winter is already proving to be a great time for me to recover and recoup this annoying Achilles injury, but I still should be moving, lifting, eating right, refraining from eating wrong, chugging water, and avoiding bad foods.

Personally, I’m convinced that this doesn’t really matter to anyone else (if you’re anyone else I apologize that you’re reading this), and that is the beauty of running your own blog.

Sure, I could plot, plan, and attempt to execute some ‘master plan’ for ensuring success. However, the likelihood is that I’m going to fall, stumble, and trip. Additionally, I’m doing this on my own. There is no coach, no support, and honestly no words of motivation throughout the days. I’m learning that it’s hard to continue to motivate yourself without any audience. Perhaps my vantage point is incorrect, and I need to be reminded of why I’m supposed to do what I do, instead of focusing on who I’m doing it for.

I guess in the end I’ve just lost focus, lost my way, and need a bit of redirection.

Here’s to a new day tomorrow, and a new goal in the future.