Mobile Minutes: Timing

The human body naturally picks the worst times to get sick.
I’m fighting some stupid chest cold that’s knocked me out for two days now.
Darco is cleaning like crazy, and I’m too dizzy to figure out reality (slight fever). I have a production tomorrow with Mazda at an area high school, and an open house for our business office on Thursday. Meaning…today is the only day I can be sick, and I have to be better before tomorrow.


Mobile Minutes: Cat Scratch Fever

So many things I hate about being sick.
Stuck in bed.
Runny nose.
No energy.
Pet cats.

Yes, “the dark one” decided to show me his compassion today. I tried to remove him from the headboard of the bed, and in the process he dragged his back claws along my chin.
Leaving an easy, half inch gash, through my beard.
Strange thing about facial cuts. They don’t always hurt, but they’re a pain to stop bleeding.


Mobile Minutes: Fighter

Got to work yesterday feeling “off”. I couldn’t seem to wake up or to get warm. Both being bad signs. On top of that my hunger was out of control. Another indicator of getting sick.

Went home from work around 4:00. Got home, had dinner, and I slept for almost a solid twelve hours.

Now? I feel refreshed and perfect!


Mobile Minutes: That Was Fast


Also known as germ warfare.

After an exhausting day at a local high school [50 miles away], I came home and was out cold for 2.5 hours. Afterwards, through some grocery shopping with Darco I told her how I was feeling better compared to the day before with that awful headache.

However, today I’ve been sweating.

If it was 90 degrees outside I can understand the grossness of my body, but today barely made it into the 80’s, and I was in air conditioning all day.

I got out of the shower this morning: sweat.
I taught in a classroom: sweat.
I organized books via the Dewey Decibel System [true story]: sweat.
I cooked pizza: sweat.
I’m sitting here typing in the ice box that’s my office: sweat.

Sadly, through the mass amount of perspiration that is doing a number on me; this much I’m afraid is becoming true.

I have a bit more then just a headache going on.


Mobile Minutes: Rain Drops

It’s surreal at the moment. TV is off, a few lights are on, my mocha is gone, and the rain is tapping against the patio door.

This is my life.

The week, though halfway done, has been very stressful on the business side of things. Those moments you fear as a business owner? Yes, they have been condensed into one solid week. It hasn’t been enjoyable for anyone around me [of course, I'd like to apologize].

So, after a long day of running around all areas of Kansas City and finalizing my Subway information from last month and starting this month, I have a few minutes before I need to head to bed.

It’s incredible that through all the emotions expressed this week [primarily anger], that in this one moment on this lovely green couch, I’m living my life.

Technically I fall into the category of ‘young adult’ and I’m fine with that. The suit and tie isn’t always my thing, and I’m yet to shy away from a sleeveless t-shirt and some basketball shorts. I’m a hidden weather nerd, envy time to be able to play Simcity 4 [EA Games isn't going to trick me with that Simcity 5 garbage], and as of late I’ve been tearing through fiction books [not Fifty Shades of Grey]. If you’re like me then you’ll understand what I’m saying when I speak of getting ‘caught up in the moment’. As I eluded to above, this has…frankly…been a week from hell. However, I’ve gotten so wrapped up in that I’ve missed the beauty of it.

I’m living my life.

I mean come on now, two years ago, three years ago, four? I had no idea what life was going to be; I had an idea, but it was the easy way out. This is not the easy way, it’s hard, painful, and beautiful. So many rich experiences on the day-to-day. Just today I met the general manager of a hotel, a art co-op owner, and a random man from Minnesota; each of them with their unique stories. I missed MoVal tonight, but my girlfriend and I wound up drinking Pepsi, eating chicken tenders, and just watching the world go by in Applebee’s for dinner.

Does anyone else find it incredible that you’ll divert all your strength to focus on a set priority, and in turn ignore the world around you, but you can’t focus on the world around you, and ignore a set priority? Just think if we could. Sure, we’d still like for projects to get done, but what if each other were the projects, society, cultures, and creative thinking were priorities? That’s been my struggle; at the rate this week is going, but the time I’m 30 I will have had three heart attacks and zero friends. There has to be a moment when you step away and as cheesy as it may be, focus on the beauty of a life that you’ve been given. I guess what it amounts to is that even though I’ll disagree with this post in the morning; it just isn’t worth stressing over every single forsaken detail when those details don’t matter without the people to involve them in.

Translation: If you let stress and hostility best you; you’ll find yourself empty and alone.

So, for tonight, I’m off to let my body fight off another season cold, listen to the rain, count my blessings and get some rest. I know God is about to do something amazing.