Mobile Minutes: Vanishing Turkey

Definitely one of the more…unique Thanksgiving holidays that I’ve taken part in over span of my lifetime. MC and Jim have gone down south to a family reunion for the next two days. However, because Starbucks is so friendly to the world [there's a bit of bitterness here], Darco is working today and tomorrow. Naturally, I’m not going anywhere without my wife.

So, that means it’s her and me today. She’ll be home any minute now. MC bought a new TV this week [ruined my Christmas plan for her], so Darco and I will probably head over to the small, quaint house in the small town and enjoy the silence, and the large television.

I think that’s going to be our Thanksgiving, and no I’m not really disappointed in that fact. I took a stroll down memory lane here at FilingThePapers and discovered the first Thanksgiving post on the site. I’d encourage you to read┬áit before continuing; choice of course is yours.

I’d say judging off that post, in the past two years I have plenty of reasons to be grateful. Realistically, I can’t wait for Darco to get home. I barely remember her leaving for work this morning, and I look forward to exploring some of that post with her. Sure, it’s two years down the road, but I mean come on:

  • Beautiful wife
  • Living on my own
  • Incredible job
  • Psychotic soccer program
  • Traveling frequently
  • Bills being paid

How can you not be grateful? It’s incredible that at one point we’re miserable because we can’t afford to eat, we can’t get out of our parents house, and we’re probably never in the position to be ready to start dating; and those are our priorities. Then, if we’re not careful, we’ll find an entirely new list of things to worry about. I am guilty of this, on several occasions, especially as of late. I made a commitment to get up today and read through the archives of this site, if for no other reason, as a reminder of God’s blessing.

I hope the same goes for each one of you.

Happy Thanksgiving, it’s great to be thankful.


X: Cinnamon Rolls & Normalcy

Yes, I like random titles.

Truth be told in the end this is going to make complete sense. When Thanksgiving came around, as we are all aware of, I was busy. Driving several different places, running, getting sick [I had the flu in this duration as well], and everything else under the sun. Because of this, myself and the ‘traditional’ Thanksgiving dinner never really met eye-to-eye. I was OK with that, as I tend not to really do too much damage on the turkey until after Thanksgiving [seriously, I've been destroying turkey sandwiches like no ones business]. However, last Sunday afternoon, after going to church [and Starbucks], Sam stopped by to drop off a cooling pad for my laptop that needed repairs [engineer friends for the win]. He lives close to ninety minutes away from my house and said that he was off to his parents for their Thanksgiving.

About fifteen minutes, while sitting alone in this empty house, I get a text message from Sam wanting to know if I wanted to head over to the ‘rents place to eat.
Ten minutes later I was at their house.
Any other time I would say something about the awkwardness about Sam and his wife, and my lack-there-of counterpart. However, it wasn’t even close to that. I will always say this about Sam and his family; I’m never awkward. His mother passionately refers to me as her, “red-headed step-child” [slightly ironic considering coming from a split household and having red hair]. So, I was at the table, snacking on all sorts of random things [pretzels], and then I stumbled upon these golden buns, dripping with sweet icing…

Cinnamon Rolls.

I’m not going to be one that speaks about how cinnamon rolls tie into the proper cooking rules of Thanksgiving, because that isn’t the point. What is the point is that I desperately, very secretly, love cinnamon rolls. Furthermore, it had been years since I was able to enjoy the guilt that was associate with cinnamon rolls. My ex-wife, once upon a time, had the flu while eating the wonderful delights. We all know what happens next; whatever it is you were eating when you got sick, you don’t touch [Pringle's and I still do not see eye-to-eye]. Because of all of that drama, I resisted the temptation to make, bake, or even consume those rolls [for the most part], and I seriously missed them.

…we hadn’t even prayed yet before I tore into one of those rolls last week…

They tasted so good, I mean it was one of those moments that I was nearly crying; not exactly from the taste of it [though it was legit], it was more so from the concept of freedom. Being able to enjoy something that I thoroughly did for years, without the guilt associated with it. It was nice to feel…normal…


Of course many go into a foaming rant at this point, trying to point out that none of us can define what ‘normal’ is, and that Jesus was never normal, He was radical.

Not here. Not at the moment [that's for a later post I'm sure].

I needed my normal.

While heading down the long, empty interstate today; because I am in Missouri, I can still text and drive [except in Shelbina, Missouri], I was chatting with Dur, and I made the comment that caught me rather off guard today.

“Days like this I tend to forget that I’m divorced.”

It was just back in August that I started to speak about transitioning from the shock of a divorce, into a recover, and only a few months prior to that I was discussing the originality of this site.

Amazing what God can do.

While life isn’t perfect and I’m not achieving all my goals all at once, this I can say; I’m growing. I’m growing in His grace. Some days I feel like I did prior to my embarrassing, spiritual stumble [that lasted well over a year].

My wounds are healing nicely.

I’ll be ready to fly once again.

Oh to stretch these wings again!


Mobile Minutes: November Snapshot

Welcome to November!

Sitting in my ‘office’ for my weekly staff meeting before heading out for my stores for November.

Some highlights of the upcoming month:

  • Playoff game for Sporting KC vs Colorado Rapids 11/02/2011
  • Deer season begins in the area [it's a big deal around here]
  • New season starts for the Smurfs [indoor soccer team]
  • Thanksgiving
  • Black Friday [This'll be the first one I've ever partaken in]
Let the good times roll!