X: Insomnia

Understand that my writing at this time in the morning is not due to depression, hatred, bitterness, or strong drink…

I slept 12 hours yesterday, hence the haunting of staying awake.

Thankfully, in between thoughts I am starting to yawn, so that is a plus towards movement in the direction of rest.

I have a strange weekend awaiting me, plenty of thoughts to process, but at the same time it’s steps closer to starting a new chapter of my life:

  1. Will be starting the packing process of my apartment and my belongings [trust me, not much left], and transporting them for storage into my parents house [trust me when I say for only until I’m back out, settled with my job]
  2. Will be hanging out at Missouri Valley Baptist Church on Sunday morning, a small church out in the sticks back north that completely rocked my world. Six years down here I couldn’t find a comfortable place to be, but one Sunday and I found one, can’t wait to get back there.
  3. Will be driving down to Livestrong Sporting Park in Kansas City, Kansas on Sunday afternoon [time allowed] to hang out in the members lounge with some other soccer-nuts to cheer on our national ladies in the finals for the World Cup [before cracking jokes, think about how excited you were when the men won their pool for the first time ever last year].

Naturally I expect this weekend to be enjoyable, filled with friends and family, a nice change from the past week of rather isolated darkness that is this place.

*pulls out map

“…I’m ready to come home…”



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