X: Darco

I’m not a person who is known for ‘friends’ [minus Jo and a few other crazies]. I’m kind of a loner, and I designed it like that myself. I consistently put myself into a ‘pity party’ thinking, “No one wants me, I’m a ginger, etc…”

Frankly, do you know what that does to the Church and the people you’re around?

It’s toxic.

It can cause many to not even want to be involved with the idea of Church.

Enter Darco.

…you know how much I love switching names to protect people on this site from my own insanity…

This individual was met over a hot cup of coffee [Iced Caramel Macchiato]. Darco is a barista at Starbucks [such a bad ‘blessing’ for me], and through the past several months of myself being back in the area, has consistently attempted to drive me insane three shots [get it?] away.

Finally I got to just talk to this individual, trying to find out about them, what their story was; and frankly…it was kind of sad…

Naturally, I’d let them share the story, but I will say this month:

  • No father figure
  • Working over 40 hours, college full time, paying literally all the bills in the house…just to make it…
  • The list goes on…but that’s Darco’s story…not mine to tell…

It’s heartbreaking.

Darco was the individual that nearly caused me to go insane in Maryland, trying to get back. They’re the individual that after not being in church since they were seven, leaned over to me and said, “I think he is talking to me.”

This is the same person who admitted that they’ve lived a question lifestyle for the past few years is the same person that ensures that we’re going to MoVal together each Sunday. It’s becoming an addiction.

Best quote…so far…

I keep watching videos from MoVal. What are you doing to me?

I dare not take credit for doing anything to them.

Darco is kind of a nice package all wrapped up together [minus the bow]; I get my coffee fix, we played soccer yesterday, they’re all about getting into shape, being healthy, etc…, and it’s amazing…no that isn’t right…AMAZING…to watch God mold them and craft them into a wonderful individual.

As I informed them a few nights ago, they’ve assisted unknowingly in me coming out of retirement.


I remember slapping kids with Bible’s, telling my cousin he was going to hell because he was Catholic [true story, not truth], I was crazed and wreck-less, but I loved God.

I gave up.

Not because I said that there wasn’t anyone out there to work with, I just gave up because I got lazy. Frankly, when I got married; I got very lazy. Physically, spiritually, everything that required thought; I failed because I refused to try. Hence the destruction of my spiritual life, marriage, and time on this earth [dramatic pause].

Watching Darco grow so quickly, rapidly, recognize it and want to learn more;

I know I’m a slow learner, but I’m willing and eager.

That’s all anyone should ever need to hear to drop them to their knees with some praise.

Darco will be joining me down to Dallas this upcoming weekend; heaven only knows what that will result in [aside from Starbucks discount].


Fun Fact: This is the same kid who told me to go to the store one night and surprised me with a pound of coffee and mobile French Press

Mobile French Press

It's a French Press that you operate and has a lid on top so you can take it on the go with you. Took me a few failed attempts with a mouth full of grounds to properly figure it out.


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