Isn’t that just a fun title?


It means three things:

  • WPSL: Women’s Premier Soccer League
  • KC: Kansas City
  • #: Hashtag on Twitter to build a ‘following’

Aside from the craziness with Darco, this stands as one of the most monumental moments of my recent life, and possibly, my entire life.

I really can’t even recount how it happened, it just kind of manifested in the minds of a few and exploded via the viral world.

Last Monday, Women’s Professional Soccer [WPS] said that it was going to suspend the league for the 2012 season while working on some legal actions by a former/current owner [it’s a circus]. Suddenly five teams had nothing to call home, the WPSL [Women’s Premier Soccer League] came swooping in and offered them a ‘elite’ division to play in, within their league of course.

The jury is still out on the matter, but one thing it did was stir up the idea within my own mind of having a women’s soccer league that is two divisions:

1. Top Tier: $$$
2. Second Tier: $

It was just an idea, and with women’s soccer becoming a HUGE sport within most colleges and some high schools across the United States, now seems a great time to look into these ideas. This thought brought about the notion of why there are not any teams [of any league] within the Midwest, primarily the Great Plains [exceptions being Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Des Moines, and NW Arkansas]. Finally that transitioned into the simple question:

With over a million people in Kansas City, why don’t we have a team?

That question was posed on Twitter, and that started the ball rolling. Suddenly people started coming up from the woodwork, dishing out ideas, proposals, concepts; the blueprints for a team, the blueprints for success.

I started writing/typing as much as I could, and finally an individual contacted me and said, “Why don’t you create the team?”

I work for Subway?

I’m 24?

I’ve had an insane life?

God. Hates. Excuses.

I pondered over the notion, the idea of being a GM [general manager], President, Chair of the Board, all these titles…suddenly realistic.

Frankly, it scared me; that’s a huge risk and surely that isn’t what God wants [granted, it would be something I’d want], so last Sunday I brought it up at church; I literally had no idea what to think.

The pastor made the comment, “God gives us passions for a reason. When we follow Him, He allows those to be seen.”

That’s about all it took [and a crazy amount of prayer].

Briefly, this is what this job entails:

  • We need $50,000 by December to meet our budge
  • This will come from selling ‘shares’ to local businesses [$500 a share, 100 shares]
  • We will have 5 teams; 1 WPSL team; 4 ‘feeder’ teams from the four corners of KC that we’ll pull players from
  • Sporting KC is already open to help, along with the NSCAA and their teachers
  • I’ve had a few women’s sports companies ask for an interview [what!?!?]
  • It’s a summer league that primarily consists of college players and high school players, plus a few ‘above’ those areas of life

I strongly encourage you to check out my women’s soccer page [how many pages can one person have???] right over here, and check anything that has a title starting with WPSL.

Truly, this is one of the strangest, most amazing, humbling, God inspiring moments of my life.

I’m already losing sleep, but I know He’ll continue to provide.



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