X: Growing Pains

First of all; to all the folks who give input on my posts. I enjoy each and every one of you [though secretly when I awake to them in the morning, I grumble all the way through my morning shower]. Input tells me that you’re reading, and you reading equals me writing, and in turn your actions and thoughts can resonate in my own growth and therapy.

I slept in today and woke up thinking about God [what a nice change, right?]

I think I felt personal conviction for my mindset as of late, or at least the temptation of it. Naturally, it only makes sense that the Kansas City Shock has been sucking up what free time I ever have. You truly do not know how much work I have placed into that thing [not stated to be defensive, just stating]. However, I want to be sure that everyone understands that my priority still stands with Subway. God blessed me with an incredible job, and a flexible job. Flexible enough that I can work on this soccer ‘hobby’, as some may state. I have an incredible boss and supervisor who see potential in me, and work me through my rough spots, and much of what I’ve learned in that business I have applied to my own business. There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not grateful for what I’ve been given in that sense. We all know from past entries that this job came out of the blue, right when I needed money the most. It was rough at first, but God made it work. Some days I do get behind, and the beginning of the month is always the worst [because I’m coming off lull time for a week], but God continues to bless me with that job.

One store I worked on [for confidentiality sake I can’t disclose too much information], it was a pain from the beginning. So many issues, but I kept at it, and the staff became friendlier and friendlier. By the time my time with that store had passed, the earnings were up…considerably.

That. Is. Not. My. Doing.

There is no secret recipe, there’s no magical formula, and I don’t have a degree in business. God just continues to take care of me. He keeps taking care of me with the Shock as well.

I started working on this program [www.kansascityshock.com by the way] several months ago, with just a vision and no set path. I was expecting to be working down to the deadline to get everything set up…it’s currently April, and if we had the funding [it’s coming later] the Shock would have started in ’12. That’s how fast this thing has taken off. My family doesn’t really recognize it, but the state departments do, a global magazine does, the director of a league does [otherwise he would not have called me first], and people writing checks to us wouldn’t be doing so. I know that a person referred to this as a hobby [and I’m trying not to rip on them personally], but a hobby does not have a yearly budget of $50,000, college students, and a paid coaching staff. It doesn’t have a home venue, sponsorships, and people calling for interviews. Guys, this kid who was nearly homeless, broken, ashamed, and at a all time spiritual low is being called nearly daily with interview questions. We’ve got a metro area of 1.5 million people that are ecstatic that a team is coming to Kansas City, and truly; God just keeps fueling the fire. I can’t deny it, and honestly; if you’ve been keeping track of FilingThePapers, you can’t either.

This kind of stuff doesn’t just ‘happen’ to a person. People don’t get divorced and suddenly their life starts over and blossoms into something amazing. Our society preaches against that, especially to those crazy, weird Christians. If my life is not a living testimony to what God can do to a undeserving, self-loathing, mistake making guy; I don’t know what is. I made [and make] those mistakes and I am a Christian.

All of that said, today I stepped into one of the biggest challenges of my life.

I denied the attraction of someone.

Now, the person isn’t important [in this story], what is important is the lesson learned. In each past relationship, I remember ‘red flags’; those moments where you know you shouldn’t be in the relationship. Each time I ignored those signs and…well…we know the results. Today, I had a red flag moment, and for the first time in my life. I turned away and went in a different direction. I accepted my life, accepted that all aspects of it has or needs to change in order for myself to continue to grow. Was/Is it easy? Nope. It wasn’t the best feeling in the world, but that sensation was quickly covered up with the sensation of knowing that for His kingdom…

I did the right thing.



"Dare to be different. Shock the world"


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