X: Beginning of the End

First, start by reading this post from about a week ago. I cannot begin to express how vital it is that if you have the ability to assist us in sending these totes down to Guatemala, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Secondly, I’d like to redirect you to this old post; a reminder of what happens when you line your ducks up and count your chickens before they hatch. Not to mention the idea of having to hold on to the concept of faith.

Next, I encourage you to check out my cool down thoughts when working on finances within my head, on paper, and everything else in between.

Finally, as a reminder; I encourage you to take a few minutes and scroll through ‘X: Tunnel‘, to get a taste of some of the darker days of relocating up north.

Why am I referencing all these points? Reminding you and myself of some of the painful, stressful moments of the past eleven months?

Because my God never fails.

I’ve been very stressed about the payment process for Guatemala. The cost of the trip was right around $1,700. For myself, this proved to be quite the challenge; especially when state and federal taxes went belly-up. I truly had no idea what to do. I dear friend of the family put faith in me, my journey, and kindly, compassionately donated towards my trip funding. I knew that I couldn’t go back to my old church asking for funding, as the mutual dissidence between the two entities had left me with knowing I would doubtfully be welcomed through those doors again. Many nights in the past few weeks I painfully and frustratingly talked to Darco about funds; trying to figure out how on earth this trip was going to happen. While at the same time, battling people saying, “Well…are you sure that God wants you to go on this trip?”

Only God can make endings like this.

As it turns out; Darco knows how to function a balanced budget; something I desperately lack in knowledge. Even with my income, I was still finding ways to handle my money poorly and screw up my monthly bills. I needed help.

I had been stressed about money and funding this trip. It was when I was at MoVal early today and the pastor of the church said, “…and Coach Daugherty [humorous in itself] will be leading a soccer clinic in Guatemala…” It just, it broke me down internally in the most humbling ways. How on earth does the kid that destroyed so much of his own life, find strength in God’s grace and in turn be given an opportunity to lead a soccer clinic in Guatemala? How is that in itself not a cool story? Not to mention that this clinical idea took off right when the Shock was getting started up as well, a few months ago.

In April I sat down and started to actually write out a monthly budget, by May I had a budget in place. Then the beginning of April I got lazy getting my stores done.

Meaning that the first paycheck of this month was…low…to say the least.

However, what I had forgotten was that on the flip side my next check was going to be huge.

Guatemala huge.

After spending a good chunk of this afternoon working with Darco on switching funds around, and making sure an action plan was set; I’m so, so, so blessed to report that this weekend I will be able to pay the remaining $1,400 for my trip. I can’t express to you how amazing of an answer to prayer that is. Between the job I am blessed with, the people I am blessed to be around, and this great opportunity I’ve been blessed with; this is icing on the cake.

However, as awesome as this story is; I’m so…awe driven to make this exclamation as well:

Within the month of June I will be able to financially afford to stand on my own, move out of Jim and MC’s house and into an apartment.

Twelve months after my life ended.

One year after my life began.

I’m not sorry for saying this:

Tell me how God doesn’t still work great miracles; because I’d love to tell you a story…



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