O: Yokes and All

Who knows about being unequally yoked? Yes, the whole idea that Christian’s should date non-Christian’s, and everything else that is involved with such a heavy, teenage-screaming theme topic.

For years I was on a crusade in high school to slap around anyone who dared invited the non-Christian to be part of the life of a Christian [just call me Saul, and we’ll call those individuals…to an extent…Stephen]. What didn’t occur to me until much, much later was that the same thought process could be used towards Christians. See, in a spiritual growth pattern, everyone advances at their own stages and pace. If you have a Christian that has been a solid follower for years and is wise in their years and pairs themselves up with one who isn’t even close to the same page; guess what?

Unequally yoked.

I watched my girlfriend accept Christ. I saw her get baptized only a few months ago, and it was then that I started to rationalize that I could never date her because she was so much more younger, spiritually, then myself; causing a conflict of interest and a temptation to fall apart Biblically.

Naturally, as she will passionately admit; I was wrong.

The catch is this; and I know many if not all of you can relate to this sole concept:

There are people who have been in church for sixty years that still drinking spiritual milk, and there are those who are new Christian’s that are already wolfing down meat.

See where I’m going?

I can’t justify, nor do I wish to, on the stance of where I stand with my girlfriend in this situation. However, I will quickly sum it up that her reactions, actions, and overall thoughts towards the growth of her faith surpass so many people I’ve known for years, and truthfully; not only does is motivate me, but in many ways it humbles me. This woman trusts me to lead her, not just in the world around us, but she expects, anticipates, and desires that I lead her spiritually with her walk of faith.

Something I’ve never been entitled to, nor lived up to in my life.

Amazing how flush things run when you’re on the same page, with the same focus, and the same dream.

Pleasing Him.


Yes, you, the reader, get the benefit of knowing what this beautiful creature looks like. May I introduce you to my spiritual equal and motivating angel; my girlfriend.


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