O: Red Rock 5k Fun Run

The good times just keep getting better.

We saw it on a billboard, heading back home, my girlfriend and I prior to ‘dating’; it was advertising a ‘Fun Run’ in a local town just a few miles up the road. I’m always game for the non-competitive/I’m going to die 5k’s. When done correctly, they can be enjoyable, and it helps me continue to strive to be in better and better shape. However, for ages, I’ve been going solo on this; even my ex-wife wasn’t keen on these events.

While in the car I started one of my fits about running and how I should pop up there on the 4th [of July] to partake in this run, and what followed was even better:

Have you ever heard of those insane 5k, alcohol induced, obstacle courses that you have to sign a waiver for? Yes, like ‘Tough Mudder’ and so on. One of those strange things was coming to Kansas City in a few months. My girlfriend was the one who tried to convince me into this idea. After looking at the pricing, I thankfully was able to squirm out of the thing, but it instantly showed me that this lovely woman was keen on being in shape, working hard, and having fun.

That brings us to the Red Rock 5k Fun Run. While I wasn’t keen on the concept of dying, I was up for a standard summer 5k, and after looking at it tonight; I’m pleased to announce that both of us will humorously be partaking in this fun run on July 4th.

It isn’t a grand trip across country, it isn’t marriage, in the minds of many it isn’t “that big of a deal”.

I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting [most of the time impatiently] for someone to come along that wants to do these stupid stunts with me.

I am blessed.


Not to mention it makes for a great date as well…


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