Mobile Minutes: Exodus

Between Guatemala, work, and the fast approaching summer tournament [THIS SUNDAY!], I find myself sitting in this hotel room; stressed. The expectations are high on all levels, I hate disappointing, and people are depending on myself coming through. These are just facts of life, and yet…through all forms of stupidity and insanity…there is still this small voice in the back of my head…

Wouldn’t have been easier if you would have stayed down south?

I mean, seriously, why on earth would I even entertain such audacious thoughts? Yeah, I’m completely stressed out. But to think that I’d go back? What? It goes back to the Hebrews; so, back in the day they’re getting out of Egypt and heading towards their ‘promised land’ [currently strange soil and sand]. They leave this past of beatings, death, and slavery. They watch seas split and food fall from the sky. HOWEVER! Through all of that, they still complained about missing the old life of fresh fruit and slavery. It makes absolutely no sense when you take a gander into the eyes of temptation. Why revert back to the past that hurts? Why desire to escape reality just endure pain?

Where’s the logic?


It’s just been one of those days…


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