O: Falling In Love at a Coffee Shop

…I think that possibly, maybe I’m falling for you…

-Landon Pigg-

If that quote wasn’t cheesy enough, perhaps the narration below will be…

Together, in the corner, the quiet couple sat. Heads leaning, faces smiling; the world revolved around them. Through espresso clouds and coffee aromas; their eyes never each other. Quiet she whispered for him to lean across the table, almost desiring the yell a secret in the crowded, little cafe. With eyes interlocked, hands cupping her beautiful face; he paused, curious about the rendition, the secret that lied along her lips. A quick kiss, she slightly pulled back, and whispered gently, “I love you.”

There is something about our breed, our culture; that dictates the idea that everything must be done in exact time. You must date for “X” amount of years, be engaged for “X” amount of months, and have children within “X” amount of time following. While many of us will read this, shaking around heads, saying that such notion is ludicrous; deep down we’re matching our lives up with that timeline.

I did the exact same thing.

When dating in college, I wanted to say, “I love you”, to a girlfriend; my friends [her friends] informed me though, that we needed time to ‘discover ourselves’ before getting serious. I’m sure they discussed these notions over tea parties with their barbies in their dorm room [that was sarcasm]. The same could be said for my marriage; I was informed that I should date for at least a year before getting engaged, and the engagement should be short enough that we’d be excited, but long enough so the process wouldn’t be painful leading up to the wedding [it was still painful, wedding organization and planning is just straight up…*shudders*…].

Reviewing all of this useful facts and interesting concepts lead me back to today’s concept that I was pondering why traveling down the barren, stupidly hot road: why all our time to be dictated? When speaking to my girlfriend, before we were ‘official’ [whatever that is]. We decided that we’d be cheesy and go off God’s time. We know the expectations of each other, the dreams of both, and overall goal to please Him.

Long story short; thanks for the mathematical input of when the time is write to mumble out specific syllables and grunts, but…we’re got it taken care of.

And yes…that mocha was especially good last night.



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