O: Crazy Days

Last night felt like today was Sunday, technically it is Thursday, but I couldn’t tell you what was going on around here since last Sunday.

These are crazy days indeed.

At least I got a photo posted; I’ll consider that partial success [though the attempt to get the photo was painful].

Let’s drop back to Sunday…[I’ll break them down into daily paragraphs for you]:

  • Sunday: I awoke from my peaceful three hours of sleep. That really translates to the lack of sleep that I had that night out of pure fear of the soccer tournament for the Kansas City Shock that was taking place that day. I staggered into the shower, was running late why the time I left the house. Dur was to meet me at Starbucks [she has relocated to this area, if you hadn’t noticed], and had a raspberry mocha waiting for me, that was made by my girlfriend who had opened that morning. Dur and I piled into the car with our 100 t-shirts to sell, and hit the road. We arrived ninety minutes later at a complex fit for a king [literally; the place cost $93 million to complete]. We sat there, staring at turf, concrete, water, and everything that wasn’t found back home. About this time one of the tournament sponsors showed up with his product [GK gloves], and we talked; him trying to calm me down two hours prior to kickoff. What seemed to be minutes, the rest of my staff showed up. I instantly thought back to mission trips and church camp; everyone is expected to do everything, and I geared myself up moving tables, setting up tents, etc…However, everyone hopped out of their vehicles, told me to get out the way, and they set up the entire tournament. I did not lay a finger on anything, my back was the only thing to lay on something, and that was the ground when I failed to kick a ball on the field. By 10:00 AM, an hour before we could officially start anything, players were already showing up and walking around the complex. By 11:00 AM we had families, friends, and our dear partner; the summer heat [for those who aren’t aware, we’ve ran at 100+ degrees for nearly a week now]. By 11:30 AM the national anthem was done, the people were seated, and at 12:00 PM the games were on. Players from all over the state [and some out of state] were present, playing as if they were being looked at to fill a roster spot [because they were]. Every walk of life was around us, including two ladies who were…haha…playing for the college I graduated from [someone reading this is chuckling at that realization]. Overall, aside from the blistering heat, it was just incredible to stand back and watch an idea, a thought take shape into something real tangible, and live. I left that day, burnt to a crisp, hungry, and thirsty; but after finally recovering, smiling the entire time because of how pleasing the entire event was. Photo: See more photos at:  http://smu.gs/O1ewi6
  • Monday: Woke up earlier then I had pleased, and drove all the way south for about 90 minutes for a staff meeting at work, introducing an entirely new sandwich unit for some of our stores, and just talked shop. Went back home, started processing the paperwork from the tournament, and getting my stores ready for the month of July. Realistically, I didn’t even want to move. I was exhausted still.
  • Tuesday: Slept like there was no tomorrow. I didn’t get out of bed until around noon. Messed around a little bit with the Shock, an truthfully; really didn’t do much. I took that day and completely wasted it; of which, I have no regrets.
  • Wednesday: Best day of the year; the 4th of July. Started off early, got to Starbucks around 6:30 AM, picked up my girlfriend and drove north to a small town of about 1,100 and ran a 5k race. Her first race, and I’ll let her share her thoughts on that experience [as I truly wouldn’t do it justice]. Afterwards we stopped back at my new Subway, grabbed breakfast, some 4th of July lunch stuff, and headed home with Dur. At home we ate the afternoon away, and sat back to watch Sporting Kansas City take on Montreal in Canada, through the TV. Finally, towards the time of dusk, we traveled out to the lake, and I actually got to fulfill a desire I’ve had most of my life. Just being able to sit on a blanket, with a very lovely lady, outside, watching fireworks and eating ice cream. Sounds simple enough, but it was something I had never done. In the end; it really was the best 4th of July I had. Photo: 4th of July!
  • Thursday: Woke up, went to Starbucks, sat down with two computers, a notepad, and several bills and for seven hours I just cruised through paperwork; iced coffee, after iced coffee. My eyes were glazed over by the end of the night, but I got completely, 100% caught up on work from the month prior [Guatemala and two staff meetings shifted a lot around in June]. I went home, satisfied and ambitious. Getting home, Dur popped by and we went out to the ‘Future Training Facility of the Kansas City Shock’, and just played soccer for a while. This led to creating a group on Facebook for people to get together, good or not, and just play soccer at night. We’ll see how that goes. Afterwards we headed up north and had dinner with my girlfriend. Photo: Mobile office day. Yes, the right computer does have a display of @sportingkc. http://instagr.am/p/MtSDfpFfKK/
  • Friday: UP BY 5:30 AM! I hit my stores early on Friday, just rocking them out. God has given me some amazing businesses to work with. Six separate sales records have been broken just within my 45 stores. It’s almost as if He’s taking care of them, in order to allow me to focus elsewhere…weird…God does that? Came home, grabbed my girlfriend, surprised her with a massage through a partner business with the Shock, ate dinner, drank coffee, found an amazing tumbler Photo: What!?! @mayorslyjames you must pick up a #KansasCity tumbler at local @starbucks, designed by our own barista's!!!!  http://instagr.am/p/MwrqMZlfH0/  that is rocking some Kansas City love, and just counted my blessings and fought my demons while I drifted off to sleep.

Now it’s Saturday afternoon. Went running, getting ready to hang out with my girlfriend as we watching Sporting Kansas City, again. Paid my bills last night. Still grateful for the ability to actual pay bills.

How’s that for some photos as well?



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