Mobile Minutes: Workman’s Grace

It’s been a testy month at work.

While I”m not here to say that my job is rough, I’m burnt out, or discouraged; it has been challenging to say the least.

The car got hit at the soccer fields. First accident I’ve ever been in, and I wasn’t on the job. It didn’t do a significant amount of damage, but as the ‘new kid’ in the company, naturally I became instantly mortified.

Killed the battery on the car this morning. That resulted in a new battery and additional costs to the company.

I had to go to court down south earlier this week, it was job related [that’s the best I can say]. Super stressful.

The last several months I completely jacked up my expense reports. I mean, utter fail on so many levels. I messed up the amount of miles I was putting on the car.

My evaluations over time were…well…so-so, and my stores sales weren’t where I would have liked them.

As I was saying; discouraged.

Factor in running these, while also managing the Kansas City Shock. There were several mornings [and evenings] that I just felt defeated.

Until today.

Being the end of the month, it’s time for my monthly break from the run-around and just take a breather [aka, take care of the apartment]. Throughout today I was able to finish my store list, drop off some promotional materials, deliver my stuff to my supervisor, and then trek up to talk to a franchisee. Discussing business with this store owner for me has always been a pleasure, and today was no different. Just being able to see the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of how a operator functions on the day-to-day just fascinates me, not to mention being able to put together sales pitches for them always encourages me.

Furthermore, my boss [the top boss, over my supervisor] called me today about my accident. Giving me the green light to get the car repaired, and while I know an accident is an accident; the fact that he didn’t have a tone of voice on the phone, and the fact that he’s continued to always be calm [even when I worked for him inside a store back down south], it’s peaceful and reassuring.

Finally, my supervisor just sent me a kind text; thanking me for the continued adjustments and hard work that I’m trying to do up here. I confessed to her that my biggest fear is just screwing up and losing this awesome, God-send [literally], of a job.

Her reply was simple [aside from the ‘not as long as I’m alive’]:

“Keep the faith.”


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