Mobile Minutes: Book Report!

I can almost guarantee you that MC would have never in her life imagined me, on the computer [no that part, that’s expected], as an adult, writing a book report about a book I just…for fun.

Strange world we live in…

Realistically; for those living under a rock [which could be several of you], I’m a complete computer nerd. I’m connected through social media in ways that are just…well..borderline unhealthy. From it’s beginnings, as a freshman in college I had a Facebook account and even started one for my girlfriend at the time. I stayed away from because…it just didn’t suit me. However, I was accustomed to Blogger far before my technology in the classroom course required us to, and for my followers here; we’ve known that I keep to this blog quite frequently since its induction last year.

However, it doesn’t stop there. A few years ago, as my passion for technology and women’s soccer started to cross paths; I found myself blogging at Women’s Soccer United. A digital forum/blog space for all things women’s soccer. It was there, after just ranting about women’s soccer, that I started to discover the beauty of Twitter. Whenever I wrote something, being egomaniac that I am, if I mentioned other people in a quick tweet and had the link to the article posted; I started to get new followers. Those followers turned into connections, those connections turned into magazine companies, interviews, USA/Canada match in Kansas City, and eventually…the Kansas City Shock.

I literally walk down the street, my girlfriend can attest to this, with my iPhone [work] in one pocket, my EVO [personal] in my hand, and my tablet usually in my back pocket. I don’t text that much, in fact; I’d venture to say that I send more things through Twitter on a daily basis then I do through simple text communication.

Welcome to the life of being plugged-in.

While all of this was happening, I started to follow this individual named Amy Jo Martin. I knew she was popular [over a million followers], she talked about technology, and she responded to tweets [even the lowly post-college kid such as myself]. She kept speaking about being a renegade, doing something different, building businesses around social media. She was on the up-in-up of what I had come to thoroughly enjoy, and over time I read through her pages on Twitter, the launch of her company [Digital Royalty], visited her website for Ready, Set Pause [frequently], and as of these last few weeks I’ve had the honor to pour through her first book: Renegades Write the Rules. This book aims at the mindset of Ms. Martin, Digital Royalty, and the reality that we live in with social media being a part of our day-to-day lives.

Without further introduction, let’s dive in:

You’ll come to figure out that Martin is a very lax individual when writing. She’s very informal, personable, and even though she has been spotted on national television, a very down to earth person. Her book isn’t necessarily a form of her life, not so much a biopic of her experiences. More so, she looks at her business experiences with the Phoenix Suns, Shaquille O’Neil, and many other personalities and how it crafted her into the individual today.

But you said this book is about social media?

Yes, very much so, every single page is laced with the growth of social media from hard fact [cold numbers] to out reach flow, proximity growth, and fan base [warm numbers]. It is not a tech heavy book, it is more a glimpse of what our future could be if and when more people utilize social media [very heavy on Twitter as the primary use of social media]. While I was cruising through the book I was making note of where the Kansas City Shock plays a role in what she writes.

Very much so we’ve written our own set of rules on how our company is going to function, let alone women’s soccer. This ranges from myself launching social media feeds from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc…to even noting the emphasis of integrity of the passion of the owner. Without passion, social media will fail.

Moreover, there is a constant theme that social media is to be used with passion, with heart, and not as Tiger Woods tried to do; as a image builder. For years technology was about aiming at the consumer to bring them into the product, with social media; Martin discusses that the consumer now feels like they are part of the product, part of the decision making process; they feel wanted and needed. That translates to today’s sales. However, even as I’ve learned with the Shock, there is a trade off. You’ve got to be ready to be open and honest. With the Shock, we pride ourselves with integrity and just being up front with what we are, who are, and where we want to be in the future.

The result?

Welcoming arms. There is something to be said of some aspects of society growing tired of lies and manipulations. When I’ve worked on my own personal Twitter image [@CoachDaugherty], I can say some very blunt things online. However, if any of you have met me in real life, the same can be said there.

That’s the key of success with social media as Martin concludes, when we open up social media towards our personal lives, we will be analyzed. What will people find? People learned very quickly with Shaquille O’Neil, that he is a humorous individual that just likes to laugh. Sure, he was a monster on the court, but in the end that was Shaq. Creating an image for Shaquille through Twitter was being able to make him not just a brand, but a person [see the first two chapters of her book for more details and stories with Shaquille].

I would say “Love it, or leave it”, but I think that in today’s rapidly evolving world around global integration and communication; that this book is actually more of a tool or reference to those who are currently thinking, “I would get involved, but…”

In conclusion, it’s been a while since I just sat down and read a book [ironically, I read it on a tablet, not in paper form]. However, when reading the book, seeing the struggles, and noting the success. I quickly compared Martin’s moves and thoughts towards my own with the importance of plugging in the Kansas City Shock. Happily, I’m able to place the book aside, and as a member of #TeamRenegade can say that this business in Kansas City is already off to a shocking start, with some secondary advice and words of wisdom from Amy Jo Martin, Digital Royalty, and her piece Renegades Write the Rules. Realistically, along with Lolo Jones and Rob Heinemann; Amy Jo Martin has quickly become one of those people that I’d love to have the opportunity someday to just sit down, dream big, and dream out loud [having friends in the Las Vegas area may be useful].


P.S. Yes, here is the link to go purchase the book. Available in hard cover, and in just about every digital format you can possibly think of.

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