Mobile Minutes: Beaten and Bruised

Today just gets to rank as “one of those days”.

From the moment that I was awake at 5:30 AM CST, to leaving the apartment without coffee, from driving four hours to a meeting, to waiting outside of the meeting for an hour. From listening to a meeting, wondering why I was there, to having my pay deducted [for good reasons], to leaving an hour late; forgetting my laptop and all my work gear down south, to winding up at my own meeting an hour late.

I’m worn out, I’m well traveled, and at the moment; I’m discouraged.

Throw in a girlfriend, who also had a rather crummy day, and truthfully; currently I’m just not in the best of moods.

I mean, the meeting with my staff with the Kansas City Shock was excellent; as is expected. So much was done [including actually seeing the designs for the 2013 kits], and a ton of laughing took place [I do consider this a success]. However, my other job; it was discouraging. I was reminded of my foolish, immature mistakes, and at the same time; knowing that there isn’t much space for advancement in that company. I’m kind of tapped out.

I love that job, I love being in the stores, I love working with the owners. I completely understand and will express to anyone that the life I have now, would not have been possible had it not been for a few who were willing to take a chance on me in that office. I owe them..a…lot.

However, it’s evident that this position, this job, it isn’t me; realistically, it isn’t my passion.

Talking to a restaurant owner tonight about sponsorship availability [and nailing it!], that’s my passion. Seeing our head coach take a box of shirts to her high school to sell to her students; that thrills me to no end. Seeing the growth of soccer, women’s soccer, Shock soccer; sorry everyone that isn’t a hobby, that’s a passion.

I wish I could type more tonight, but realistically; tonight is a night that the light needs to turn off, the music turned down, and I just need a restart.

Here’s to a better tomorrow.


One response to “Mobile Minutes: Beaten and Bruised

  1. If women’s soccer is your passion then find a way to make it your career. Stop whining and going to bed discouraged and make a way for this to work. Otherwise, start filling out applications and print up a bunch of resumes…if your heat isn’t in sub sandwiches, then you will not succeed in your current position. Cheers.

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