O: Sunday Bliss

Realistically, last week was about five months worth of work crammed into five days. Four meetings, over 1,000 miles again on the road, Subway business [and drama], college games, meet-in-greets, and a budget to balance prior to a sponsorship package launch.

It’s been a little busy.

I’ve told myself for quite some time that I dream of making sure that my Sunday’s are days of which I try to slow down a bit. Primarily meaning not being in the field for work. This is something that I have been notorious for in the past several months. Get some stores done in the morning, go to church, work on stores afterwards. It’s a blur and without the separation of time between stores [sometimes being 14 days in a row] it really does decrease the quality of work by the 9th day.

I give that precursor in light of today. I’m, once again, sitting in the comfortable lounge chair in the local Starbucks [by the way, it was confirmed, there will be a second one opening in this town] enjoying a drink. However, I’d like to share with you my Sunday so far:

  • Sunday School
  • Church
  • Carry-In Dinner
  • Nap
  • Starbucks

There has been zero work down today. In fact, because of how my apartment is now set up, I have no reason to bring work with me to Starbucks. After three years I now enjoy Starbucks for…Starbucks and free WiFi. It’s a liberating sensation of knowing that slowly, but surely, my life is starting to become more organized and structure. I don’t enjoy repetition, but I do enjoy being able to calm at least one day of my life.

Consider it building it off the post a few weeks ago about the trying to just slow down. It is possible, and it is worth it.

It’s nearly 6:00 PM CST, I’m still in this coffee shop. Enjoying a drink, and typing away my day. I’m going to go home and do a little soccer work, get my calendar ready for the week/rest of the month, light a candle…TURN ON THE HEAT, and just count my blessings.

Here’s to some peace and relaxation.


One response to “O: Sunday Bliss

  1. We put our heat on for the first time yesterday morning I believe (Heidi did it while I was at work). I try to not attend matches on Sundays or Friday nights if at all possible (doesn’t mean I’m not watching or following games), and have been able to keep to that for the most part in the four seasons I’ve been back in Milwaukee.

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