O: Delegating Drive

It’s just before 11:00 PM and I have a few minutes to throw on some music, and just get some thoughts on the computer.

Today, similar to the past two weeks, has been everything all but short of insane.

Subway during the day, soccer at night. Meetings tonight, talking to new members of our program, scheduling meeting with not-for-profit organizational presidents, still killed the tablet; life is just moving 100 mph, the amazing crew at the Kansas City Shock knew it.

Last night, as I sat at my parents house with MC watching the USA vs Guatemala match, completely removed from the rest of society; my phone continued to go off with texts. We’re not talking like three or four, but more like ten at a time…multiple times. It was my general manager, Bryan, who was sending these monsters to me. I’m assuming he found himself over here where I was talking about just being exhausted, and he stated, very bluntly; that I wasn’t delegating like I should be.

He was absolutely right.

The trigger behind that had nothing to do with the staff or the program itself, it had everything to do with my pride. I’ve spent so long listening to people speak of this ‘hobby’, idea, and passion and basically treat the Kansas City Shock like a little kids lemonade stand.

Let me clue the skeptics in on something; players don’t travel from Australia to the United States for a glass of lemonade.

Because of my arrogance and pride [that’s a confession] I struggled with trying to do everything myself because had to prove to the doubters that could get the job done and would be the victorious one  in the end.

Anyone else see how fast pride can just crush an individual?

Tonight, while at our bi-weekly staff meeting, the rest of the team voiced the similar concern [in its roundabout way among the burritos, beer, and Pepsi with Lime at our local eatery].

Because of all of this, myself along with the rest of the staff, now have homework due on Saturday. Who would have thought I’d be so fortunate to revisit this task of my childhood?

The homework is simple; just to outline what your job is with the company; the company being Kansas City Shock, L.L.C. It’s for all people associated with the brand, from the owner to the coaches to the staff in between. The true purpose to is to make sure that there are no gaps of responsibility and delegation.

More so for myself, it’s a reminder of my responsibility. In order for the Kansas City Shock to work, it must become less about me, and more about the program, the goal, the future, the legacy.

However, like any good post-grad individual; I shall not learn from the childhood lessons of schoolwork…

I’ll work on the assignment tomorrow…


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