O: Winds of Change

I find it fascinating that just over a year ago, I received news that would send me and my bags packing back home and taking over a new job in the area. Eventually, I finally moved out of my parents house; moved north, settled down, and started a new business [not exactly in that order], but needless to say it was adventurous and kind of chaotic, but if you missed it; for the most part I absolutely love it.

Well, life has seemed to have calmed down a bit in recent weeks, not completely content with that notion, but not upset either. However, that comfort could have only meant one thing…

Change was coming.

The Kansas City Shock is a changing, evolving mess in itself, but this time; the change isn’t stemmed from soccer, but from relationships.

My girlfriend is looking at a potential shift in jobs; as in moving up in her company. Trust me, that’s a big deal in the line of work she is in.

However, if that were to take place; she would be required to move to…*drum roll*…the Kansas City area, in possibly less then a year.

She’d change college over to online course work and work at continuing to move up in her company [very, very doable], while working on a business degree of the sorts.

So, what does that mean with me? We’re dedicated daters [?], and for me that means that I’m not going to let the born country kid roam into the metropolis alone. So, with the Shock being in Kansas City, half of my Subway jobs are in the city, and…it’s the city; this has quickly become a dream.

Point being, even though it has been a couple days working on this brief post; looks like we’re coming to the City of Fountains in the future.

3 responses to “O: Winds of Change

    • Aside from the “City of Fountains”, Kansas City is also referenced as “The Paris of the Plains” primarily because it has emerged as one of the top five cities of culinary studies in the United States. It turns out we know a little bit more then just how to slow cook ribs 😉

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