O: Marathon Training

Today marks the Kansas City Marathon, being in Kansas City, Missouri.

I am proud to say that I am not in training for this event.

For some reason, no matter how much I comprehend the notion of 26.2 miles, I frankly have no desire to partake in such event. There just isn’t the motivation, drive, or anything to do something that reflects the traditions of the Greeks [did anyone mention the fact that the first marathon runner died after finishing…].

I mean, kudos to those who are already preparing to trek through downtown Kansas City, through the Plaza, and all other beautiful areas of the City of Fountains.

I’ll train for my own marathons.

While it’s a fact that running numbers like that would surely kill me [I once did a 10k a few months ago…that was enough for me], I do see the context of a marathon being something worth training for. I’ll never run one, but in the same, the preparation that goes into a marathon could be reflective towards the simple aspect of how one conducts their own life.

Preparation, anticipation, and commitment; from what I understand, is the needed elements [aside from some serious pipes as well] in order to conquer this insanity that’s referred to as the marathon.

Flip that on your own life, your own dreams, aspirations and think to yourself, “Does it apply to me as well?”

Let’s take a gander at my own example:

  • Preparation: In 2013, Kansas City will be launching its first premier women’s soccer program in its soccer loved history. In order to achieve this a staff has been formed, press releases issued, interviews set up, budgets conquered, and sponsorship packages finalized. Meetings with programs, looking at home fields. Finding players, hiring coaches, all the way down to merchandising lineups and jersey designs.
  • Anticipation: History suggests that I should anticipate limited success with this program. Anticipate a loss of capital in the first year, struggle with a fan base, and run a season record around .750 with a shot at the playoffs, only to trip up in the end. However, for a person to anticipate; they must anticipate what their success will be versus what history tells us it should be. I expect sold out stadiums, crazy ticket sales, insane games, a national title, and fighting with other programs who will try to steal our coaching staff…because we’re that good. This isn’t arrogance, this is daring to be different, not fearing dreams, and doing what it takes [note preparation] in order to succeed.
  • Commitment: Sacrifice tends to be a term synonymous with the thought of commitment. In order to commit, we have to be willing to sacrifice. In other words: count the cost. My girlfriend and I sit around nightly, looking at budget expectations, noting where shortfalls could take place, and reminding ourselves that we, along with the rest of the stellar staff of the Kansas City Shock, are committed to excellence. We’re committed as much to our shortfalls as we are to our success. We realize that our success, many times, is dictated around our level of commitment. Are you in it to win it, or to just move along with life?

As you start your weekend, enjoy the quiet moments, a chance to breathe, but regardless of age; don’t lose track of those dreams, whether it be that marathon, that business, or just that perfect latte [everyone has their thing].


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