Mobile Minutes: Unwinding Drive

On the road…again…
I’m heading up north to go check out a college match. Granted I’m not recruiting because that isn’t my job.
I’m going because…
…well…I don’t know.
For as much structure as I enjoy my life to have, I just can’t rationalize at the moment.
Talk to a coach?
A player?
I don’t know.
Some days I literally have no idea what’s even going on…

2 responses to “Mobile Minutes: Unwinding Drive

  1. I go through that debate most days. Why am I going to this game? Is it a player I’ve not seen yet? One I want to see again? Talk shop with parents/fans?

  2. Just a comment, As much as I am involved with Soccer in every concievable way, I and I require my players to take one day a week and stay away from Soccer. Today, for example, I’m requiring the players to not run, not touch a ball and not train, even though we are scheduled to begin post season State tournament play in 2 days.
    i neither want myself nor the players to have the sport get old, have training get old, feel obligated to be at a training session and get burnt our on the Sport at the most critical time.
    Just a tought.

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