Mobile Minutes: Vegas

I guess it was only a matter of time before it happened. I was going to eventually find myself in Las Vegas.

That timing took place about twenty minutes ago. After several months of no response; the league that the Kansas City Shock is part of; the Women’s Premier Soccer League, contacted our crew and informed us of when the Annual General Meeting will be held for the 2013 season. This is a required meeting as outlined in the agreement that I signed with the league.

The meeting is held in the last weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is the Saturday after the NSCAA convention in Indianapolis, Indiana [for those geographically challenged: they’re on opposite sides of the US].

Initial Thought: WOW! I’m expected to a be a professional at actual meetings that include our program.

Realistic Thought: How on earth am I going to get this all figured out? Registration fee for the NSCAA is $268 [ish], and airfare for one person for a round trip from KCI to Vegas and back is around $300. Thankfully I’ll be working with my good friends in Nevada to be sure that I get the best deal. Also, I’ll be taking Darco with me, as she is the adviser that keeps me from losing my mind.

God’s brought me this far…I know He isn’t done, not even close.


One response to “Mobile Minutes: Vegas

  1. Shawn,
    The NSCAA Convention in Indianapolis far more benefits coaches than it does any other part of the Soccer world i would think it imperative that Nicole be there but your presence will not have any meeting or issues that will be part of that event. Go enjoy Las Vegas.

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