This is a fun story…in the event that you ever wondered why I was crazy [motivated] enough to work on creating the Kansas City Shock.

It’s because there are stories interlaced with the overall story that you just can’t make up.

The original example was posted here, along with some information about the new business; Weber Creative Arts.

However, while that story was fun; thinking back to the college life, friends, and interesting connections; the newer piece is absolutely mind blowing.

As, for those keeping track, some of you know; we do have a head coach for the Kansas City Shock. Soon, we’ll be announcing our assistant coach and strength/conditioning coach as well. While both are fairly entertaining in their own rights, it was the assistant coach last night at our meeting that really caught my attention.

We’re a diverse crew; our head coach is from the United States, our strength/conditioning coach is from Canada, and our assistant is from Mexico. What’s incredible is in the span of the entire country of Mexico, I know exactly where this coach is from.

I’ve been there.

In 2005 I took a journey, post-high school with a crew of people to La Pesca, Mexico. My job was simple; dig water wells. I spent the time doing odd jobs, but the focal point was drilling in the heat. I absolutely loved it and would do anything to go back. La Pesa was a small fishing community along the coast line of the Gulf, the closest ‘city’ was Soto La Marina, just to the west of La Pesca [thirty minutes]. If you wanted a Walmart/Sam’s Club/Etc…though, that was going to take you a few hours to get to the city of Ciudad Victoria [Victoria City].

Naturally, the big things in these communities were fishing, family, and…soccer. Lots, and lots of soccer. In fact, as it turns out, it’s so big that some of the people from the area wound up in college in the United States [Iowa for example] playing soccer. Also, as it turns out, they ended up being highly involved with the soccer programs of the colleges, and met a specific woman who played for the same college. It may have just happened that, in the grand scheme of things [I don’t know the full story…] the person he married wound up at the Kansas City Shock Summer Kick-Off in the middle of the scorching summer heat. This lady he ended up marrying may have came up the owner of the program and inquired on the coaching opportunities with the program.

She may have wound up as the head coach.

He may have wound up as the assistant coach.

8 years after my adventure to the same fishing spots he knew as a child.

Please tell me that I make this kind of stuff up, please; I beg you.


Seriously…telling me that God doesn’t have a hand in this program is one of the dumber things I could hear in a day.

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