Mobile Minutes: #whiteout12

This is all sorts of exciting!

As I try to catch up from the past couple weeks of lack of posts [sorry!], I think it is crucial and just all around awesome to be able to share one of the biggest moments of the entire month.


#whiteout12 was the named dubbed for the tryouts for the 2013 Kansas City Shock roster, it’ll be taking place in December of this year.

Please note below what the new logo for the event [and season of winter] looks like!

Yes, I think it is just as awesome as you do! Another item created by the couple over at Weber Creative Arts. However, during this announcement, Jenny; the female side of this tandem started working on a project that I wasn’t even aware of.

I was immediately shocked [no pun intended] when I saw this as it fits perfectly with the ‘cover’ along anyone’s Facebook page. However, Jenny took it another step:

By itself it looks like the shield with some fun colors in the back. However, when you take this photo and place it as the ‘profile picture’ on Facebook, and the photo above as the ‘cover photo’, you’ll quickly see that these two photos are mesh with one another; making a flush image throughout the entire front of the page. Very cool.

Then of course came the grand-daddy of them all; the flyer.

This flyer was sent out via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and just about every other concept of life. Yesterday we found this flyer on a website that was translated into another language. It’s huge. Our hits are through the roof, constant contact and e-mails are streaming in, the tryout field was finalized [which I hope, after driving through there] I can live at in a few years.

It’s just absolutely insane how far this thing is coming, and the potential of the future is just absolutely endless. I mean, let’s be honest; you can’t make this stuff up.


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