Mobile Minutes: Watching the Master

It has something to do with this time of the year.

While the holiday season comes rushing in, time and time again I find myself having to rely more on faith then anything I could possibly stir up.


No such thing.

I’ll spare the details, and just make it short; I’m looking at things in December and January, things that are business related, soccer related, personal related, and I don’t have definite answers. I know what I want answer to be, but currently everything along those lines are just non-existent.

I don’t have answers.

While I find it frustrating, I also assume the thought to be thought provoking and relaxing. Remember last fall when there were moments that I had no other choice, but to just sit back and let God do His thing?

It was personal. It was inspiring. It was God.

Interestingly enough, nothing has changed in these moments except for this: the stakes are higher. Last fall the season was all about me  and getting my life back together. Things have changed dramatically over the past year, I’m now responsible for other people, for success, for a testimony that people are watching closely.

I suppose the best thing is to lay open this public example, for you and myself to watch.

I’m going to step back [and repent when I fail to do so], and we’re going to see God do amazing things. If He has brought me this far, why would He stop now?


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