O: Raising The Stakes

Last night, as I wrote down I didn’t have answers for so many problems that were popping up around me. So, by way of learning; I simply stated that I’d let God do His thing, and let His work by my testimony.

Sometimes; I think God enjoys raising the stakes.

I mean, check it out; at one point He is informing His profit to dump water on the wood of a stone alter, and then letting God consume all of it.

I mean, fire from sky? That’s about crazy enough.

Pouring on water? Insanity.

However, how did the story end? The fire consumed the water, sticks, rocks, and even the dust around it.

By the way…the fire came from the sky.

God has a tendency to putting exclamation marks on His works so that people have no question; that it is God and it is not of man.

I’m pouring water on the sticks…

Understand that this has literally nothing to do with this other program, whoever they are. I promise you this though; whatever God has planned, make no mistake; none of us will be able to take credit for it.


While I was working on one of my stores this morning, I get a Twitter message with a specific link [go read it].

In this message you caught something about Kansas City being one of the eight cities said to be building a professional women’s soccer program for the new 2013 professional league that is to launch.

My catch?

That isn’t the Kansas City Shock

Indeed, it appears that there is another party inside the metro area that’ll be building a professional team versus our team that can’t pay players due to college eligibility issues. Furthermore, to get into the new league; it requires a lot of money compared to the league that the Shock is in.

So now what?

Keep pouring water.

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