Mobile Minutes: Watching The Master [Part II]

It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon. I’ve finished up work for the day, and my girlfriend is heading to Kansas City to hang out with some of her friends at a Lecre concert [Google it]. As for myself; I’m cleaning, typing some e-mails, and moving around some thoughts about the next phase of the Kansas City Shock.

As was reported on Thursday, I found our company is quite the bind on some news that was rather…unsettling…for myself. We’re working nearly 24/7 to get Kansas City ready for this premier team that we’re building in the background. Learning that another potential team is coming into Kansas City, that would realistically be direct competition; it was nerve racking. Especially if this other organization had financial backing that I couldn’t even touch.

Learning this; as the owner, I made some moves to learn more about this report.

As stated, we’ve learned quite a bit about the information that’s been stated about this mysterious new league, and how it directly impacts Kansas City, and the Shock.

Interestingly enough, the Major League Soccer program in town; Sporting Kansas City, denied any involvement in this move, and everyone I talked to in the company, along with others who had other connections; all came back with the same report. Sporting wasn’t interested in the idea, and we knew that hadn’t been for years [hence why we stepped in to fill the gap].

At nearly the same time someone via Twitter asked the owner of Sporting if they were directly connected with our program [using @kcSHOCK_WPSL in the question]; immediately that was denied as well [as it should be], and nothing else was stated. Finally, in an e-mail that I received today from one of the most amazing sources of the soccer pulse in Kansas City…EVER…gave me some more details about the release of information.

Overall, what looked to be one of the darkest moments for the Kansas City Shock, may have unknowingly turned into one of the brightest. There is the potential that because of how vocal the Kansas City Shock has become in recent months that someone by accident assumed that this program was part of the new national league [or national team feeder league]. I probably will never learn one way or another, and at the moment it appears that we’re the only shop in town.

Because of all of this stress over the past forty-eight hours, and an amazing crew that’s been keeping me smile and telling me to calm down frequently; I’d say we’re back on track and move forward.


Sure am glad that I kept pouring on the water

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