Keep pouring water…

The age old issue of this professional women’s soccer team, the United States Soccer Federation, Kansas City, and the Kansas City Shock continues to not go away [as I guess I’d suspect]. I wish I had answers, the perfect plan, what to do, how to protect, enforce, promote, grow, etc…but tonight I’m just a 25 year old young adult without answers.

I say that very, very humbly.

However, instead of dwelling on the problems that are on hand. I refuse to consume myself, and I must promote this story instead:

Earlier tonight, on one of my many soccer meetings, I was able to speak to a man named Jim. I don’t know much about this individual except that he travels for business, he is from Kansas City, and he is a friend of our strength & conditioning coach. Truthfully, I feel terrible, but I feel like I dominated the conversation [that’s why I refer to as merely a ‘business pitch’]. He wanted to know what the Kansas City Shock is, and the angle that we are approaching the women’s soccer world.

I think it was about fifteen or twenty minutes into the conversation; I was talking about how the Kansas City Shock came to be, how it mimicked aspects of my past life, and that’s when I could feel it…

…this pressure forming inside of me…

…my heart started to race…

…my mind was trying to catch up, but it has no chance of stopping what happened next…

I merely chuckled at the table we were sitting at and simply stated, “You know, I would fail my mission if I didn’t say it was God who created this…”

I don’t know Jim from the man in the moon, but just like the meeting in downtown Kansas City, just like the interview over the telephone, just like the report over the news back in March…

I just can’t keep quiet. I can’t, I literally cannot; if I speak about the Kansas City Shock, and I tell the world about the success or fears behind it, I cannot stay quiet about the love, the generosity  and the mission that God has given me. Otherwise, my ministry, my calling, my life will be done in vain.

I still have no idea what to do about finding the right sponsors, I have no clue what on earth to contemplate knowing that the United States Soccer Federation is breathing down my neck, in my backyard. I. Do. Not. Know. The. Answer.

I just know that tonight, on rare occasion, I did what was required; and in turn I pleased my Father.


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