These past two weeks have just been mind blowing!

I just wanted to share this with you. A while back I released this book report on the book I had found named “Renegades Write The Rules” by Amy Jo Martin of Digital Royalty. I’ll let you read the report on the utilization of social media.

Anyhow, after these past few weeks [along with several months] I felt inclined to write to Digital Royalty and address the concept of what social media has done for the life of myself and the Kansas City Shock.

First, the ‘right hand woman’ of Amy Jo Martin tweeted me, then I received a DM via Twitter, and then about ten minutes ago…amazingly…humbly…I received an e-mail from Amy Jo Martin…

Yes, I’m still shaking.

Not only was she thrilled with what we’ve done with social media out here in ‘the sticks’ with soccer, but Alana, the other individual talking to me from DR came up with an idea: create a weekly segment; highlighting ‘renegades’ [you’d have to read the book to fully understand]. So, along with the other meetings that I’ve got this week [and some very, very important ones at that], I get to chat with Amy Jo Martin.

I’m not big on celebrity autographs, famous sports players, etc…but personally; this is as close as it gets to that ‘feeling’.

My goodness, God is so good and I am so undeserving of everything that is going on.

Get your praise on!


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