O: Blur

Life is a blur…

Alright; we’re going to step back into a moment of one of my favorite movies; Avatar.

The stage is set; Jake is running around the forest in his blue mans suit and the background voice is speaking about how his days are blurring together; he’s forgetting who he is, and in physical form he’s a twig with some nasty No-Shave-November going on; in the blue man suit he is jumping over bushes, trees, and flying random dinosaur birds.

Very little of that can relate to my life.

Except the part of life becoming a blur. I’ve been ‘off work’ from Subway for the past eight days; I’ve watched the soccer world become a psychotic place of drama, goals, and business. It’s a scary place. I spoke with Amy Jo Martin and Digital Royalty today about the Kansas City Shock [per usual I can’t release details], but it was just an amazing experience to see people outside of the Kansas City area take such a firm hold onto the concepts of how the program came to life. Afterwards, it was a quick conversation with Darco, filing e-mails, updating LinkedIn; working on my Google+ page from last nights conference, heading to dinner, meeting with MC, back to the apartment; freaking out about an electric bill, going through new press releases, chatting with Kansas City Shock Founders, working with a few media outlets, pushing papers, updating public relations, learning from Darco about Google+ and making ‘circles’ in it. Now it’s nearly 1:00 AM 11/30/2012. Tomorrow is coffee, running, paperwork for Subway, fighting with the electric company, massive amount of e-mails, meeting in Lee’s Summit to look over some Kansas City Shock stuff with my general manager, answering phone calls [probably], deflecting questions about hot topics involved Kansas City and soccer, and who knows what else along the way.

It is like this, every single day.

I told my girlfriend tonight; I wouldn’t want it any other way. It is stressful, and 3/4 of the time I’m losing my mind, but who could have seen this coming? It’s incredible to be a part of something so unique, and so impacting to so many people. The idea that our tryouts are going to have ASL interpreters there is one of the coolest things that I couldn’t even dream up. Even tonight, a man was chatting with me late tonight about the Kansas City Shock, Kansas City, and soccer; even mentioning that maybe one day his two year old daughter will end up playing for the Shock. These kind of stories; they melt my heart and remind me that I’m moving in the right direction.

I’m hoping tomorrow I’ll have some time to get a nice recap on a bunch of stuff going on in my life [as much as I can], but just know that life is good. Scary at times, and not knowing where to go in the business world can sometimes be startling, but God hasn’t left. There are things formulating with this group of people, with this unique brand, that when finished; people will have no choice but to step back and say, “There’s something very different with this team.”


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