O: Passion

…passion doesn’t pay the bills…

-Some Old Person-

This past week has been filled with overcoming fears for myself; primarily presentation fears. As a student of communication and public speaking; these aspects shouldn’t be an issue. However, as it turns out, I get nervous just like any other soul out there, especially when I’m talking to people that I would never in my life would have fathomed speaking to.

As I continue to learn about social media; I’ve discovered life past Facebook and Twitter [it’s true]. I’ve mangled with LinkedIn; which interestingly enough, once you create a LinkedIn profile, that’s the constant number one hit on Google if you type your name in. I’ve also started to play with Google+; truly a daunting task in itself. This involved a seminar this week down in the Kansas City area; uniquely entitled #LearnG+KC, turns out hashtags in Twitter also apply to Google+ [but does NOT apply to baby’s names]. During the conference I was one of the youngest by about…ten years. It turns out Google+ is quickly becoming the LinkedIn for actual business use. Very bizarre, but interesting deal. It can be hard to understand, but once you’re able to utilize it; social media is an incredible source.

That applied for the next morning when I spoke to Amy Jo Martin of Digital Royalty about the Kansas City Shock. This translated into a thirty minute phone call [of which I was shaking uncontrollably in my office] that resulted into events that I’m sad to say I can’t say on here for business reasons, but I think the term ‘huge’ doesn’t even come close to describing what could be around the corner [again, I feel terrible about not sharing the direction, but trust me when I say that I have to be careful what is shared in the digital world now, as my public relations officer now informs me on a daily basis]. I hadn’t been that nervous talking to someone in years, and on a conference call with an entire staff; lead by one of the global icons of social media…I lost weight based off of nerves and jittering.

Had I known that it could be worse I may not have made the phone call I made today. In recent weeks, with the new professional women’s team in Kansas City, the new league, and all the adjustments nationwide; I’ve had a great chance to talk to several owners from many different forms of women’s soccer teams in the United States. This afternoon I was humbled by talking to the CEO of the Seattle Sounders Women, and though I’m Sporting Til I Die [meaning, such as a Spartan, I was raised to hate the Sounders]; I’ve never been more amazed in my life. The CEO, Lane, just casually discussed their position, asked about our position, and whether he thinks I’m crazy or not I’m not sure, but it was so inspirational. After hearing the craziness for the past two weeks I spoke to a man, of business and integrity, that had one goal; growing the game of women’s soccer. Lines were blurred, petty quarrels were ignored, and he spoke about what it was all about; passion.

To say that these past two-three weeks haven’t been a bit challenging; understatement of 2012. However, as I told my girlfriend today, for the first time in about two weeks I finally felt normal [after sleeping for 13 two days ago]. My mind has been cleared, heart renewed, and I’ve been reminded over and over again through incredible stories; that we’re on the right track. I’ll share one of my favorite quotes this week from a random fan in Kansas City, who is aware of all the soccer teams:

Well, keep up the good work – haven’t been able to do much more than watch from outside with Shock so far, mostly because of my 2 year old daughter, but who knows, maybe she’ll be a future Shock player (I keep saying future USWNT so…) which is all to say, may not be right there right now, but very interested and will be there soon (if free time ever returns).

I do not know this fan from the man in the moon, but seeing that he sees the vision, shares the idea, and hold the future; that’s some crazy amount of motivation.

What’s is all boil down to?

Each person I spoke to this week made mention of one thing that will bring success to our program:


I remember being told that starving artists were starving for a reason; passion doesn’t pay bills. That may be the case, but when passion overrides obstacles that can be placed in your way. I’ve witnessed the obstacles; many times over as of late, but I keep pushing. Why? Because the passion that is in this team, this program, this ‘gift’ that I want to give to the Great Plains; it’s unlike anything you or anyone else has ever seen. I don’t know much of what the future holds, but I know this much; there are some mighty, mighty things coming down the road for myself and the program that I’m building. When it is done, it’s not going to reek  of money, it isn’t going to shine as if from suburbia USA, it’s going to glow with one fascinating concept: passion.


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