O: Bigger Than Myself

I’ve been told that in order to be more ‘web-savvy’ that I need more pictures.

Which can translate to this: people still struggle to read.

Photo: Indeed @pillarmusic love today! #IAmFireProof

Not. Cool. [maybe some day this’ll be a meme…]

Regardless of the pointless intro to this piece; I’ve been conjuring over the past two days how exactly I wanted to entitle this entry, what to write, and how to do it tastefully, truthfully, without giving away too much.

I think back to the words of our Director of Media with the Shock;

…this is an ordained program…

Spooky, eh?

Part of the thing that I love about ownership is being able to sit down with our crew and just chat; sometimes 1-0n-1, biweekly as a team, and it ranges from our standard business meetings, to just asking how their lives our. I cannot express to you the amount of joy that I get from doing that.

A few weekends ago I found myself at The Roasterie; a coffee shop with a few locations in Kansas City [and also a DC-3 hanging outside their main building], for the first time. I was meeting with our Director of Media to discuss the face lift that our website needs, and making sure that we’re on the same page. I’m rarely in her neck of the woods, so I wanted to be sure to take full advantage of it. We spoke on work for a while, but more so the personal imagery that is associated with the Shock, and that’s when the quote above came to life.

In the business world it can sometimes be a hard task to stand firm to your calling, cause, and in this event; ministry. I’ve learned over the past several weeks that business is very cutthroat and the amount of business owners with integrity [let alone staff] is dwindling at a rapid pace.

Even though I’ve received some flak from those around me about my involvement with the Kansas City Shock [primarily Christians interestingly enough]. I tell you the truth; I can’t stop. Weeks like last week were too much for me to simply admit that everyone is right, “God doesn’t do business unless it is in a church…” and walk away.

I’d rather be stubborn. We all know from the beginning that this soccer program was unique to itself; it manifested from the mind of a guy that had a lot going on in his life. Now, I think we’re just getting started. In the past week, as I made mention prior; I’ve been talking to some rather important people in the social media world, along with team owners. I’ve learned plenty, and have scaled back a bit on my rants via social media. However, when I start to look at the grand picture of this program and what it can entail; sorry world, but I won’t deny God. It’s not worth it; there is the potential to reach out to not just a few, but hundreds, thousands of people with this story and be able to say that the only reason we exist and thrive, is due to the uncharacteristic nature of things we cannot explain. Meaning; I don’t know how anything happens, but God is in control.

While typing this, I received a letter from our league office. The only time I receive letters from the league; they want payment of some sort. Let the good times roll.

I challenge you; go ahead and follow the Kansas City Shock on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ (sign up for Google+ first), and just watch things take place that none of us [primarily myself] will be able to understand. In the end, we’ll just sit back and say the same thing:

God is good.


One response to “O: Bigger Than Myself

  1. Too bad there isn’t a sugar daddy available. With the growth and number of stores along the I-70 corridor just east of Blue Springs, it’s beginning to look like the legends. AS soon as I saw this parcel of ground I thought…what a great place for a small stadium.
    This will work. If I didn’t believe that I’d have walked away after 6 hrs.
    Needs some tweaking but I’ve built or re-built 10 plus HS and college programs 2 from absolutely nothing. Been told no more times than I
    can rem,ember. You’re on a good tract. Just got to continue to BELIEVE!

    Cutthroat, yes
    Upgrade on web – yes.
    Social media as a marjeting tool? yes,
    word of mouth – yes

    Three major steps? site, players and fans.
    Always, have I crept back to that phrase. “If you build it they will come.”

    Don’t hesitate to ask for help. THIS MUST WORK……because the other will not!

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