Thank goodness I was a nerd in high school.

Soccer may have saved my life, but public speaking ensures that soccer exists for me.

Today was an ideal demonstration of that. My new hobby is contacting potential sponsors for the Kansas City Shock. I’d love to make a USSF crack here, but I love building a program from the ground up with little restriction.

I was informed by a company that they would be calling today, looking for more information (versus other sports programs, we do not blend, on purpose). I was in a store when the phone rang and sprinted to my car to talk in peace.

They asked for a sales pitch…
They asked how I viewed them and the Shock working together…

This was it! This was what all of the years of public speaking contests were for.

Hopefully without a trembling voice, I answered each question.

They asked for a sponsorship package to review with the other executives.

Yes, hours later I’m still stunned.

I just pitched a sponsorship package to a multi-million dollar company, and they were receptive. One of the areas that they noted promptly; our direct involvement with social media.

God continues to show me what He has been setting me up for.


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