Mobile Minutes: Newtown

It’s a quiet drive home tonight. Bass in the stereo is numbing my nerves from today’s horrific events.
I pulled the Shock offline today. It only seemed smart that I put business to the side, and focus on the sorrow of today’s shooting.
I remember being in junior high when Columbine took place, and I recall college when the Virginia Tech shooting happened.
Now, I stand as an adult trying to wrap my head around innocent children, teachers, educators being killed.
To add to misery is society’s reaction: gun control.
If there is a truth about American’s it is that we are politicians. It’s gut wrenching that some people see past the sorrow, and straight to the paperwork.
Not even I’m that cold.
I wish, to an extent, I understood today’s events, but on the opposite side; I’m eternally thankful that I have a Father that will never forsake me, and I know He welcomed those children today.
Hold faith.
Hold strong.
Never give up hope.


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