It’s getting so late into the night, but the eventfulness just doesn’t stop:

First was learning about Haley, the Shock’s director of media and her upcoming adventures in Portugal

Next came the fascination associated with the journey to Blanc Burger & Bottles

Finally, right before I was heading to bed a message came in from a company offering to get some information about the Shock so they can post it on their mobile application that over 22,000 people use.

This comes after another organization spoke to me this week about buying large swaths of tickets for games as giveaways within their organization.

This is all so incredible, that it’s chilling. I mean just incredible what’s going on.

This whole thing was a simple thought on February of this year; you don’t get to dream up these stories, you don’t get to manage them yourself; this is where we all get to stand back and just simply say:

God is good.


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