Mobile Minutes: Famous

It was a dream.

Like any other person in the world [I’d imagine], there was always something inside of me, pride naturally, that encouraged me to dream of being famous.

President? Athlete? Superstar?

Of course, society says that reality tends to turn up the simple answer: None of the above.

It’s a hard pill to swallow, due to our naturally inherent desires of selfishness, to grasp that being famous may not be in the cards for myself, or anyone that is around me. However, we still hold onto the concept, a belief that many times ruled ‘unlikely’ by most, yet we still ask that one question, “What would happen if…”

That notion was poised in front of me this evening while MC, Darco, her mother, Jim, and myself spent our Christmas ritual at the local movie theater [Skyfall for the win]. Upon entry I found a friend of mine’s, Sam’s, parents that were standing in the lobby of the theater. I walked up and wished them a merry Christmas, broke out the hugs, talked about Christmas, and of course brought up soccer and the progress with the Shock.

Sam’s family ‘adopted’ me years upon years ago, and they’ve always been a second family to me. His mother looked at me, twinkle in her eye, and simply asked a single question:

Are you going to be famous?

Naturally, the immediate answer is no. However, if one is left to dream, realistically who knows what is possible. I didn’t give a definitely answer one way or another, but after some thought I summed up my mental answer like this:

Even as cheesy as it may sound; the reality is this team should not have existed or ‘worked’ from day one. However, this is a program that has a unique backing of which I may never understand. If I ever take credit for being famous or not, I have missed my mark. The glory goes to the One who gave me life, and allowed this dream to live. Anything else is mere rubbish.

And that is something I will take to my grave.


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