Mobile Minutes: Wrapped Up In Work

I truly am my father’s son; once I get a project started, I never want to stop. I’m a builder, that’s what I do [let me loose with some Lego’s and be prepared to be amazed].

I would go far enough to say that my current project; the Kansas City Shock is one of the most daunting tasks that I’ve ever been a part of. Easily it surpasses four years of college, and narrowly passes the awkwardness of high school.

However, it’s still just a project, an idea, a worldly creation that is bent to…to what?

It’s been a quiet Saturday today; I woke up still fuzzy from the recent illness I’ve had this week. Didn’t even fully get out of bed until around 2:00 PM, spent time sipping coffee, messing around with the Kansas City Shock, and watching cartoons. I’m serious; I didn’t really do much today.

That was the plan. I told myself after the past two days, mixed with Christmas, mixed with tryouts, and everything else in between, and before a psychotically busy January, I was doing a whole lot of nothing this weekend.

I forgot what it was like to sit back, with nothing on the agenda, and let your brain just wander around. Pushing the envelop past soccer, business, and what is on the forefront of mind. What lies deeper?

I just became a member of Missouri Valley, I’m dating a woman that is approaching eight months [officially], and there is a lot of changes in my life that aren’t reflective directly of my involvement in the soccer world. There is more then what lies within the lines on the field.

In the end tonight was just a night to reflect I suppose. Life has changed in directions that I can’t even believe. Realistically, the life that is my past seems unreal, only a rumor of what I once lived. I’m only 25, but I still can’t get over the journey so far.


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