Topsy-turny day…

Meetings, after meeting, after meeting, after long drive…that sums up the day. Truthfully, after being sick for so long, it was refreshing to being back to the grind and run of the daily hustle.

At the same time; I had three different companies that we’d been speaking to about the Kansas City Shock turn us down; in less then an hour period.

Now, it is easy to look at that problem with a frown, kick the dust and just be ticked. However, these are the moments that I’m most grateful for the path of my life.

96 applications. That’s the number that’ll echo in my head for the rest of my life. That was 96 school districts that told me I wasn’t going to be the proper teaching material because I was too young, lacked experience, or worse…didn’t coach football. Three interviews; all of them failed miserably [one of which I learned that if I would have taken that job would have risked my life literally with that position…it was at Joplin High School].

It was the small town of 215, with a senior class of 14 that came up and asked for my signature. Out of all those papers, it took that to set me down the path to teach [which ironically never happened anyways].

So, I’m going to give some thanks tonight. As hard as it is; three rejections? Been there. Done that. Guess what?

God is still good.


2 responses to “#getyourpraiseon

  1. Shawn – hang in there. Selling sponsorship for Women’s Soccer is the hardest thing I have sold in my 25 year career in sales. Selling the first year in a start-up adds even more to it. The biggest challenge is there is no real value proposition that is equal to what you are asking for – unless you are in the $500 – $1,000 range. The big numbers just aren’t there. Happy to try to help you anytime – I have lived in your shoes – and it can happen but you need realistic pricing and realistic goals. Feel free to reach out anytime – Gerry – gerardmarrone@verizon.net, 732.567.8150.

    • Thanks Gerry! It’s always encouraging to find friendly faces from the soccer community finding their ways over into the more interest direction of my life. I agree, it is very hard to sell something that is hard to physically see; especially from a marketability standpoint. That’s why when we created our packages we were sure to lay out a vast amount of options for anyone of any walk of life. Meaning, yes the $20,000 jersey sponsor is on the table, but the packages range from that item all the way down to $100 a package; each with their own unique workings on what we do in turn for those companies. Amazingly, I’ve actually had a few bites on the large packets, it’s just keeping patient and waiting. Most definitely the hard part when you feel the world breathing down your neck.

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